Services for Individuals

I offer personalized help in a number of ways:

woman talking on phone

Talk to John and get trusted guidance on your affairs.

Find peace in your time. Bring more consciousness to your inner and outer conflicts.

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Whether it’s time to set off in a new direction, or to overcome your obstacles and accelerate your journey along your current path, this program is for you.

Services for Business

Draw on my 45+ years of experience to get help for your legal and business affairs.


Elevate your small business with AI integration and optimization. Enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and boost growth.


Don’t let legal matters derail your life or business.

business coaching

When you need help growing your businesses or addressing the issues that hold you back.

Services for Groups & Organizations

John can help your organization, too!

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John is a voice for the conscious exercise of free will for a better tomorrow.


John applies his legal and business experience to provide general counsel and consulting to empower your mission.

Text John to discuss which is right for you through the icon at the bottom right of your screen.