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I practiced law since 1977. Now I’m retired and offer consulting to help you build a better tomorrow.


I write books, blogs, websites and more to empower you to know yourself and become more.


I am a voice for the voice that whispers inside to lead us to and through the experiences that help us evolve on the spiritual path of return to Source.


Draw upon the skills and know-how developed over my life to solve problems and do what you need to do.

When the going gets tough . . .

Things aren’t working the way you want. Outside forces impair your efforts and block your way.

Worse, inner ones hold you back with invisible chains and lead you into bad choices that make things worse.

How you meet these challenges, and what you do to overcome them, will determine where you go from here.

Don’t give up. Keep going. Find a way. I’m here to help when you need it.

The Future is Bright

If you rise to the challenge.

But Neither is Guaranteed

If you don’t.


Hi, I’m John.

Life in this time of changes is challenging. We’re under assault on many fronts.

Reality is bringing much difficulty to our doorsteps. We’re all face tests to pass and lessons to learn, forcing us to stand and grow or quit and fall by the wayside.

Yet overcoming these difficulties is essential if we are to deal with the lives and world we’ve got, much less build ones where peace and love rule the day.

I’m here to help light your way and empower you to stand. Please check out my work to learn more. And by all means, go with love. The world you change will be your own.

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