When Worlds Collide

Most of my life I have been caught in a conflict between two worlds. One is immersed in the outer, “real” world where I practiced law for over 40 years.

The other is as a martial artist, student of subtle energies and disciple on the spiritual path. As a result, I draw upon both to lay out a path to a better tomorrow.

One theme runs through them all — empowering others with more choice in their affairs.

The ability to set your own course and go your own way is an important concept. For free will is at the heart of building a life that serves you.

Yet, free will is under attack from all sides, each trying to impose its will upon the rest. The resulting conflict is leading humanity to the brink of its destruction.

I offer a path through this darkness to a place of peace, purpose and possibility for all. Please check out my work.

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You know the way things are isn’t cutting it. You want peace. You NEED peace.

A voice is whispering inside, nudging you to action. But something is holding you back from acting upon it.

Don’t let your discontent eat you alive. Build a life that serves you — and the world.

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