Who is John Dennison?

My story:

John Dennison is a retired lawyer, sensei and spiritual teacher who shares a message of peace, purpose and direction through the storms blowing in our lives and world.

He stands for knowing yourself, the expansion of consciousness and the exercise of free will with responsibility and restraint, and holding a space to know and go your own way to build a better tomorrow for us all.

Starting over 20 years ago as a voice for the inner voice that whispers within to guide each of us along the spiritual path of our evolution to Oneness, John has stood as a beacon of peace in a world of conflict.

His book, Whispers in the Silence – Living by the Light of Your Soul, is a guide to cultivating yourself on the spiritual path by listening to your inner voice and applying what you learn to the life you’re living now.

His podcast Red Pill Chronicles for a Blue Pill World shows how to take an inner approach to your outer affairs, while bringing forth the best of what you have inside.  Find it on your favorite podcast platform.

In addition, he has created several websites to empower individuals to know themselves and train themselves to become more, including PeaceOptions.com, WhisperZone.org and GojuatHome.com.For more information and a portal to all of his work, visit him at JohnDennison.com, where he provides empowerment coaching for awakening souls and consulting for their missions and projects.