What will you do?

Humanity is at a crossroads. Either we evolve into the higher levels of consciousness and vibration needed to ascend into higher states of reality, and free ourselves of the conditions that perpetuate struggle and conflict. Living in peace and showing care and compassion for each other are manifestations of such consciousness.

Or we condemn future generations to greater strife, control and destruction.

Forces are at work to deny that choice. They’re trying to force us down a path to our own enslavement and destruction to advance the interests of an elite few to the detriment of the people.

Their assault is happening on all fronts at once. Cultural destruction. Energy shortages. Production and supply disruptions. Food shortages. Surveillance and control. Transhuman agendas. Social violence. Killer vaccines. Manufactured pestilence. All are seemingly created and coordinated to do maximum harm and serve a powerful few.

It is a war for the future, and perhaps the very existence, of humanity as we have known it.

Darkness vs the Light

In a very real sense, it is a spiritual war fought on many planes of existence, where good and evil vie to set the path of return to our Creator and reap the spoils along the way.

Yet many are still asleep, unaware it is even being fought, much less what it has to do with them. Others are focused only on their own pursuits, the rest of the world be damned.

As a result, the masses sit blithely on the sidelines hoping against hope that “normalcy” will return.

But you’re not one of them. You see what’s going on. You know it isn’t going to fix itself.

For over 20 years I have helped people awaken to greater possibilities and add their creative energies to the collective consciousness that creates this reality. It is a path to which I was called by the voice that whispers within.

It is this voice to which I point. It has inspired me to help you know yourself and find your peace so that you will be less impacted by the winds that blow through your life, and lay a foundation upon which you can do your part to help build a better tomorrow — for yourself, and for us all.

Expand the consciousness, not the conflict.

So I beseech you. Stop the madness. Stand for the light that shines in you. Let it guide you to make a difference for us all.

Awaken to all that you are and can offer. Whether that’s in service, AI applications, or laying a foundation for greater income and effectiveness in your affairs, what you do with what you find is up to you.

You don’t have to save the world. Just do your part. Add the contribution that only you can make. Your inner voice will show you the way. I’ve laid out some ways to help at my Substack.

God bless you indeed.