Our world is headed toward a precipice and must either turn away or face its own destruction. In the process, it’s turning many lives upside down, stealing our peace and making joy hard to find.

We can collectively turn away from the danger, but only if WE individually change — one heart and mind at a time.

Many are awakening in various ways, realizing the possibility of more and wanting it for themselves, and also their world. For some it is a greater focus on the injustices of society in denying some the opportunities afforded others. For others it is the harms being done to our planet. For more still, it is preserving the best attributes of the world they knew, or being free to live the lives they want without interference or oppression by others.

All are hearing variations of an inner call to become more, and to bring others along in the process.

Unfortunately, too many people carry with them the seeds of today’s problems into the better tomorrow they hope to create. Addicted to fear, struggle and conflict, they thirst for power to end it. In the process, they try to force their wills upon others, fueled by inner conditions that distort their efforts and perpetuate the very things they’re trying to move beyond. Whether it’s fueled by their dissatisfaction with the status quo, an unwillingness to trust in a Divine Plane, or an insatiable appetite for money, wealth, power or whatever, they seem to be a war with all aspects of life and society, and threaten to take us all down with them.

Some, though, are feeling the urge to rise above the fray, awakening to greater possibilities and higher expressions of consciousness that inspire them to add their unique contributions to a world in conflict.

I speak to and for these awakening souls to help them better move through the darkness and weather the storms of this time of changes, and how they might use them to grow themselves and lay a foundation for a New Earth in the process.

My focus is upon the development of the individual, its purpose for coming and path through life, and its role in the ongoing evolution of humanity and the collective consciousness that creates this reality.

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