Speaking for A Better Tomorrow

Spiritual Justice: Upholding Free Will for a Conscious World

Darkness threatens our world, yet hope remains. I believe in each soul’s right to freely choose its path, guided by personal responsibility and respect for others. This principle of free will is essential for humanity’s awakening.

Unfortunately, this ideal clashes with the powers seeking control and conformity. From tyrants to technologies, many forces now endanger our self-determination. If we are to overcome conflict and destruction, we must champion the sovereignty of every soul.

Those who seek money, power and influence cannot see an alternative. But free will benefits all, not just an elite few. My message brings light amidst the darkness – that we each have the power to build a just world by honoring the freedom of every spirit.

As a speaker, I engage audiences through storytelling and humor to convey spiritual truths. My talks motivate positive change by awakening our shared potential when we respect the dignity of each soul. If you seek a speaker to inspire action, let’s connect.

I’m an author and former lawyer exploring the obstacles and opportunities for living free. What lights me up most is helping people contribute their unique gifts to raise humanity’s consciousness. I have faced these personal and collective challenges myself, yet believe within us shines a light that can guide the way. My speaking draws from experience and wisdom so that, together, we can reflect the light within each of us.

Speaking Topics

I offer customized talks to fit your audience and event. Possible topics include:

  • Living Your Purpose: Activating Your Unique Calling
  • Dealing with the Dark Side of AI
  • Be the Light: Making a Difference in Dark Times
  • Is Ethical AI a Pipe Dream in an Unethical World?
  • AI Awakening: Raising Collective Consciousness or Dumbing Down the People?
  • AI, Aliens and the Future of Humanity
  • Creating a World of Love, Peace and Justice


I’m available for:

  • Keynotes: Inspire your audience into action with an empowering keynote talk.
  • Workshops: Engage participants in hands-on sessions with meditations, discussions and practices.
  • Retreats: Offer deep insights during multi-day retreats focused on growth and spiritual connection.
  • Interviews: Share my message on your podcast, radio show or other interview format.

Want to know more?

Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your event. Let’s collaborate to create a meaningful and informative experience for your audience. Together, we can explore the boundless possibilities at the intersection of spirituality, consciousness and human affairs, and how together they can build the world of our dreams.

To inquire about having me speak at your event, please TEXT ME THROUGH THE BUTTON ON THE LOWER RIGHT OF YOUR SCREEN. In the alternative, email me or call 954-324-7353.  Be sure to leave a message if I’m away.