You don’t follow the crowd. Common narratives stick in your craw. Going along to get along just isn’t in your cards.

Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence, where knowledge and capability are at the fingertips of those with the curiosity and determination to put them to work.

For those of a self-determinative bent, AI offers a powerful tool to get where you want to go and do what you want to do without selling your soul in the process.

It is a way to overcome many of the constraints of living in a society that increasingly demands conformity to prevailing narratives. With its empowerment, you can chart your own course to build a life that serves you.

AI is not reserved for those who do out our don’t fit in with the in crowd. It’s a tool for those who can’t, whether for health, job loss or otherwise. Because if opens the door to many possibilities to stay over and create the income your need.

From launching a side hustle to learning a new language to developing new skills like coding, individuals are discovering they don’t have to be pigeonholed into jobs that don’t serve them anymore.

If any of these situations sound like something you or someone you know are facing, get yourself an account with an AI of your choice and start exploring what you can do to build your better tomorrow.

For those who want to shortcut their learning curve, I’m working on a Self-Empowerment Guide to AI Independence. It will be ready soon, so be sure to get notice of its release by subscribing to our mailing list.