I’ve created a number of self-help projects to help you better know and grow yourself, find peace in your time and take refuge from the storm. Here are some links you can follow to learn more:

Awaken on the Spiritual Path

Discontent is a sign your soul is calling you to become more. Here I lay out the spiritual path to do so where man and spirit join together in search of greater truths and awareness.

Find your peace

How will you find peace? Where will you take refuge from the storms blowing in you, your life or world?

Digital Dojo for Home Karate Training

Embrace the way of the peaceful warrior, preparing body and mind for combat so you don’t have to fight — and can end it if you must.

Consulting & Legal Advice

When you can’t go it alone, get insight and perspective into the issues of your life and affairs. Project development consulting and startup coaching, too.

Navigate a Changing World

Expanding conscious is key to moving through the conflict.


Go your own way.

There is a path for you. Weave through the minefield of human egos to find and travel yours in a better way.


The book that started it all.

Learn to hear and follow the whispers of your soul to the life you came to live.