Plans to Meet Your Needs

I offer different packages and price points to meet your needs. My fees may be determined in several ways:

Single Consultations. A la carte single consultations by telephone (approx. 1 hour) are available for both new and ongoing clients. $300 each.

Consultations by Text or Email. Some entrepreneurs are too busy to talk regularly, so I offer a la carte digital consultation packages designed for them. $250 per month.

Hourly. Services (including consultations) may be billed on an hourly basis. Rates range between $250-300 per hour, depending on your plan and area of my expertise required.

Flat Fee. Sometimes a flat fee can be arranged based upon the nature and extent of work involved. These typically involve a larger project, where fixed fees may be established for different stages of the work.

Monthly Retainer. Most clients are engaged on a basic monthly retainer starting at $1,000 per month, which includes four (4) hours of services, including bi-weekly consultations and interim WhatsApp or SMS followup/Q&A. Additional services/time is billed at $250 per hour.

Hybrid Fees. Occasionally I get involved as a strategic partner in some projects, in which case it may involve some combination of hourly services, monthly retainers, fixed fees and/or a percentage of revenues resulting from the project. These are complex situations, and generally I only get involved in such matters after working with a client for a while and determining our mutual compatibility of styles, interests and objectives.

Per Item Pricing. Some services like document creation (e.g., blog posts we research and draft for you) may be charged on a per item basis. Ask.

Term of Payment. Payment is generally required in advance for consultations and monthly retainers. Additional services that are billed will be due upon receipt.