Surfing the Wave of Impending Doom

I don’t surf. Never tried it, but it sure looks like fun. But from where I stand in my life, it feels exhilarating and let’s me know I’m alive. It’s much like what’s going on today. Our world is crashing down, as is much about the lives we’ve known. And in many cases there’s not a lot we can do about it. All we can do is surf the wave of our impending doom, to run the “pipe” (?) and hope we’re able to come out the other side unscathed.

Sure, sometimes we’ve got to fight back against the forces of destruction and make our stand. But that is, to me at least, a function of the impulses and inspirations of my inner voice in response to the needs of the moment. And when it says to fight, I fight like hell to survive and win or die trying.

Right now, though, that’s not where it’s leading me. Rather, it’s to be at total peace within the curl, even knowing one false move or none at all can bring the full weight of a changing reality crashing down upon my head.

it reminds of a song from my youth. “Wipe Out.” Iconic drum solo.

Like the high energy of the drum solo, life in these crazy times is a real rush. The senses tingle and stay on high alert, while I just take it all in to at least see what’s coming and hopefully respond appropriately when needed.

But for the most part, my job at the moment is to sit back and enjoy the ride, like being on a high speed roller coaster that twists and dips and dives where you just throw your hands up and head back with abandon and revel to every sensation it brings, including the fear of contemplating, “What if…?

I guess this is the culmination of my work over these last decades, to realize I was preparing myself for this moment. And now to bring to bear all that I’ve become to make the most of it.

For those who are interested in how they can do it for themselves and move through the darkness in a better way, I invite them to visit my other websites linked through the front page of this, my namesite. There they can develop different aspects of themselves to better ride out the storm and do what they need to do.

Whether you choose to visit and grow yourself is totally up to you. I’ve dropped breadcrumbs you can follow, but only you can make the effort to grow yourself and become more.

In the meantime, surf’s up. Enjoy the ride. Just don’t expect it to end any time soon.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Storm Clouds are Gathering to Threaten Us on Many Fronts

Where’s a soul to find peace these days? Everywhere we turn storm clouds are gathering, and with them bringing threats on many fronts with ominous implications to our lives.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and his father’s private possession of classified documents raises the specter that our leaders don’t serve the people. Instead, it suggests a persuasive corruption and homage to money and power that has settled into all aspects of government and the rest of society.

Culture wars are all around, as foundations like family, church and livelihood are under attack from the wokist ideology that is pitting the people against each other and imposing once-marginalized ideas and lifestyles over all aspects of society.

Free speech is no longer free, with a partnership between progressive partisans, government officials and Big Tech imposing their propaganda narratives and censoring all dissent.

Free will is nearly as restrained, with lockdowns and mandates imposed by those who think they know best how we all should live out lives.

Food supplies are poisoned by toxins, plastics, heavy metals, and sterilizing agents. And soon, MRNA vaccines and fertilizers will put graphene oxide into everything we consume.

War is underway in Europe, with escalations expected as arms flood into the conflict. China wants Taiwan by hook or by crook, and many think they’ll take it by force — setting off another war.

Chemtrails spray who knows what into the air. Pollutants and plastics flood our seas. Politicians and WEF power brokers are pushing draconian measures to restrict energy supplies and impair industry under the guise of concern for climate changes, all to impose their control agenda upon the world.

The financial system is breaking down, too, as fiat money is shown to be a fraud the ultra-wealthy perpetrate on the rest of us. And some speak openly about the rich owning the world and the people nothing, promising we’ll be happy with whatever crumbs they drop for us to fight over.

Oh, it is a grand time to be alive. But for those who are awakening to it all, it doesn’t feel so grand. Instead, they feel under attack, assaulted from all sides and unsure which way to turn to fight back, much less how.

Mankind is at a turning point, and our individual abilities to influence which way it goes are minimal at best. Sure, we can band together to fight back here and there, but the systems and institutions of our civilization have been captured by the forces wagng the assault.

Going back to the way things were isn’t possible. But where do we’re go from here?

Well, we can go along to get along. That’s certainly where most are headed. But the future they’re moving torward doesn’t look so bright, particularly for those who believe in the sovereignty of every soul.

I see no hope of compromise or moderating their plans. They’re too entrenched in their ways, and the captured media are keeping the sheep fast asleep while they impose their will on the world ahead.

Rather, I only see conflict and uncertainty, with those who don’t breaking away from the pack to create parallel networks, institutions and perhaps even enclaves of their own societies so they can go their own ways.

Peace in the world is and will continue to be hard to find. So the only peace we’ll get has to be inside, detaching from the cares and concerns of a turbulent world and focusing on the little joys we find in our own lives.

From there, we can expand our peace and joy and try to show it so others will want the same. But most will be too blinded to see or even care.

The great clash will sweep us all away if we let it. Maybe solutions will appear as we resist the onslaught. But for now, we must prepare ourselves and steel our wills to face the challenges at hand.

If you must fight, give it your all. But try to first find peace in your time, here and now.

It’s the only way to avoid carrying the seeds of today’s problems into the future we hope to create.

Godspeed, and God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men

In these days of darkness (and bitter cold for many), please let me wish you a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. Most of all, I pray for peace on earth and goodwill toward all men (and women), and wish it intensely for you and yours, not only this season of joy, but throughout the coming year.

It’s been a hard year for many. The lives we’ve known are changing and that brings great upset and fear for the future. For not all change is good, at least as we see what might come down the road.

It’s so easy to get caught up in fears, or lack, or limitation, or whatever else is detracting from the lives we wish we were living. Challenging financial times combined with social and political strife can be a big part of that.

One thing I learned from my days on death’s doorstep was this:

Sometimes just being alive has to be enough.


I’ve said it many times, especially trying to pick up the pieces of the life I once knew. Some of them, like my family, remained strong and for that I am grateful. Others, like my life’s work in the law, dropped away suddenly, never to return.

It really makes you think when something sudden happens to change your life. More than that, it makes you have to adapt, to be flexible enough to survive and find your way the best you can.

I know many of you are facing challenges that may threaten your life or affairs as well. I hope you weather those storms and come out better for it on the other side.

I’ll be rooting for you.

In the meantime, know that I love you and want you to be immersed in the peace of knowing that this, too, shall pass — and that you are up to the challenge at hand. Better days are coming, so hang in there.

Until then, my peace I give to you. God bless you indeed.