Ascension and the Consciousness of Struggle and Conflict

It is hard to navigate the many voices and interests filling our media these days, particularly those of various distortions on the role of spirit, ascension and consciousness in what is currently unfolding. And though I use their channels to speak with you, know that my intention is not to convince you of anything or steer you in any particular direction.

Rather, I only offer my limited perspectives to give you greater awareness of what may be going on within you and in your life, so that you may know more about yourself and have more choice over how you see and deal with whatever life serves up for you.

When you turn on the news, it is filled with stories that trigger fear, anger and hatred. Perhaps their words are heartfelt and meant with good intent, but mostly it seems they all push one agenda and narrative — that your life and future are in jeopardy unless you see things as they do and do what they want. And for many of them, that means giving up your free will and opportunities to exercise it to conform to some shifting (and often intolerant) standards of thought and behavior used to divide us and benefit a chosen few.

This is not my perspective, for it detracts from the peace and joy that are rightfully yours in this 3-dimensional world. Rather, I see all the chaos and turmoil as bringing to a head all of the ills carried within the human vehicle that cause us to act in such harsh and harmful ways to each other and this planet on which we ride.

As such, I welcome the horrors I witness. For even as much as I try to turn away, I know these are the End Times of third density consciousness in this 3D world, allowing us to see and address within ourselves all those attributes that lock us into struggle and conflict. And for that, I am grateful to experience all that it shows me in myself, as well as in the collective and individual consciousness of humanity.

I am one who believes in ascension, having spent life after life working for the upliftment of consciousness and how it manifests in our world. But the ascension I know is not one sudden event that will magically transform our reality into something that it now is not.

Instead, it is a gradual unpeeling of the layers of distortion that separate us from the oneness at our core and the divinity that each of us has inside.

As we do, we expand what we know ourselves to be and grow into greater manifestations of the best we have inside, albeit with many fits and starts along the way.

This life has been about the exercise of free will through struggle and conflict, two closely-related concepts involving the application of will and desire. Fueled by an inner discontent with what is, it leads us to strive to become more than what we have created ourselves and our lives to be.

Naturally, the effort to do this creates catalysts through which we can learn and grow when our desires bump up against the free will and desires of others, as well as the circumstances of our lives that impede our efforts. Conflict is the result, and it plays out in many ways.

Struggle is the natural result of trying to make our lives into something that they aren’t, whether that’s to overcome lack and limitation or the effort required to achieve and become more. Discontent with the status quo provides the impetus for us to try and try again, whether we’re successful in achieving our goals or not. And when we have had our fill of falling short, to learn to live with and within our shortcomings and still find peace and joy.

The powers that be are trying to force their wills upon the people. Some welcome their effort and direction; others do not and only go along kicking and screaming, if at all. How it plays our remains to be seen, but what can be known is that their efforts are triggering a great expansion of consciousness for individuals to consider the kind of lives they want to live, and the kind of world needed to live them in.

Others are acting out long-held resentments and oppression against those they perceive did them wrong and blaming class, race or other differences was reasons to take their retribution, unable to accept that they must somehow move beyond those differences if they are to evolve toward the light. Their opposites too often are willing to meet them on the field of battle (politics and social media) or stand against the views and practices they want to force down everyone’s throats.

To all the combatants I say, good for you that you are growing aware of what you feel inside. Now, learn to let it go. Free yourself of the beliefs over which you fight, and trust that by knowing yourself and bringing the best you find inside into your life, that your conflicts will begin to subside and you will learn to live together in new relationships that honor the truth of each of you.

Currently those in conflict see such relationships in terms of power. Who controls behavior? Who sets the rules? Who will benefit from the spoils of your war? These are the tools of service-to-self, and while some of you have chosen such a path for your return to the light, most of you have not and must find a way to balance the interests of self with others and the source of life within you.

It is this balance with which you struggle. Unable to do so and find a center that works for you, your ego demands you fight to preserve your free will and get what you want, the rights or interests of others be damned.

This conflict will not go away as we ascend into higher levels of consciousness, at least not for a long while. But our ability to see and address the various causal factors at play will grow, and with it we will become more and explore better ways to get along. And thus conflict will provide the rungs of the ladder of ascension that we all — at least, all our souls — want to ascend.

This does not mean not to fight, or to roll over and play dead in the face of harm, oppression or wrongdoing. No, we must stand for the best we know inside, and work to bring it into our reality as best we can. Nevertheless, as our vision lifts and our consciousness brings us new awareness, we will have more tools with which to deal with the difficulties life serves up — always making our way, step by step, to the Creator from which we came.

Maybe you don’t believe in a creator, or in spirit, or in ascension either. If not, that’s okay. Or maybe you believe you have to fight for what you want, and overcome all that gets in your way. That’s okay, too.

But know that your beliefs are creating your reality, and bringing you the experiences you need to get from it. Just don’t put too much faith that what you think you know is all there is, or even right, and that what you want is what you have to get, whatever the cost.

For there is always more. Seek it. Become the more that you are.

God bless you indeed.

Storm Clouds are Gathering to Threaten Us on Many Fronts

Where’s a soul to find peace these days? Everywhere we turn storm clouds are gathering, and with them bringing threats on many fronts with ominous implications to our lives.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and his father’s private possession of classified documents raises the specter that our leaders don’t serve the people. Instead, it suggests a persuasive corruption and homage to money and power that has settled into all aspects of government and the rest of society.

Culture wars are all around, as foundations like family, church and livelihood are under attack from the wokist ideology that is pitting the people against each other and imposing once-marginalized ideas and lifestyles over all aspects of society.

Free speech is no longer free, with a partnership between progressive partisans, government officials and Big Tech imposing their propaganda narratives and censoring all dissent.

Free will is nearly as restrained, with lockdowns and mandates imposed by those who think they know best how we all should live out lives.

Food supplies are poisoned by toxins, plastics, heavy metals, and sterilizing agents. And soon, MRNA vaccines and fertilizers will put graphene oxide into everything we consume.

War is underway in Europe, with escalations expected as arms flood into the conflict. China wants Taiwan by hook or by crook, and many think they’ll take it by force — setting off another war.

Chemtrails spray who knows what into the air. Pollutants and plastics flood our seas. Politicians and WEF power brokers are pushing draconian measures to restrict energy supplies and impair industry under the guise of concern for climate changes, all to impose their control agenda upon the world.

The financial system is breaking down, too, as fiat money is shown to be a fraud the ultra-wealthy perpetrate on the rest of us. And some speak openly about the rich owning the world and the people nothing, promising we’ll be happy with whatever crumbs they drop for us to fight over.

Oh, it is a grand time to be alive. But for those who are awakening to it all, it doesn’t feel so grand. Instead, they feel under attack, assaulted from all sides and unsure which way to turn to fight back, much less how.

Mankind is at a turning point, and our individual abilities to influence which way it goes are minimal at best. Sure, we can band together to fight back here and there, but the systems and institutions of our civilization have been captured by the forces wagng the assault.

Going back to the way things were isn’t possible. But where do we’re go from here?

Well, we can go along to get along. That’s certainly where most are headed. But the future they’re moving torward doesn’t look so bright, particularly for those who believe in the sovereignty of every soul.

I see no hope of compromise or moderating their plans. They’re too entrenched in their ways, and the captured media are keeping the sheep fast asleep while they impose their will on the world ahead.

Rather, I only see conflict and uncertainty, with those who don’t breaking away from the pack to create parallel networks, institutions and perhaps even enclaves of their own societies so they can go their own ways.

Peace in the world is and will continue to be hard to find. So the only peace we’ll get has to be inside, detaching from the cares and concerns of a turbulent world and focusing on the little joys we find in our own lives.

From there, we can expand our peace and joy and try to show it so others will want the same. But most will be too blinded to see or even care.

The great clash will sweep us all away if we let it. Maybe solutions will appear as we resist the onslaught. But for now, we must prepare ourselves and steel our wills to face the challenges at hand.

If you must fight, give it your all. But try to first find peace in your time, here and now.

It’s the only way to avoid carrying the seeds of today’s problems into the future we hope to create.

Godspeed, and God bless you indeed. Go with love.

How to Solve Our Addiction to Conflict and Create Peace

Most of you know I’m a lawyer, now retired. By definition lawyers are individuals trained and licensed to fight other people’s battles. There’s even a canon of ethics about zealously representing our clients’ interests and holding them inviolate, even above our own.

Theoretically to get justice, the law is a concept adopted by society to stop the fighting and bring some order to conflicts between individuals, entities, and the state. As such, it is used to take our disputes out of the streets and hands of the gunfighters and warriors, and put them into a forum of legalized conflict where they can bash each other’s brains out to the full extent of the law.

Having waged those wars for decades, it has afforded me a unique perspective into the energies of conflict, what motivates them and how they might be resolved, particularly when merged with the spiritual and metaphysical perspectives of my life on the spiritual path.

The causes of conflict

At its core, conflict results from a clash between competing fears and desires, wielded by egos to impose their wills on others to get what they want. It results from the interest of self to shape its reality into something that brings it more pleasure and less pain.

Legal wars are contests of power to achieve a desired result, whether that is to restrict freedoms for violating the edicts of the state, or to get (or keep) money or other relief in redress of civil grievances with others.

From my view of things, this is the way humans are built. We’re dumped into this 3D reality to try to carve out lives that work for us (a very subjective goal) and deal with all the things along the way that try to stop us.

What we want and value may differ, but the intention is usually the same — get ours while the getting’s good. Sometimes there are inner governors in us that self-impose restrictions upon what we’re willing to do to get it, like our indoctrination into the moral standards passed down by many religions. Sometimes there aren’t and we do harm to others or their interests in the process, often violently or through force.

Desire (or its flip side fear) is the motivating factor in nearly all conflict. Will is the engine by which it we try to get it.

If history tells us anything, it is that the more things change, the more things remain the same. Science, technology and medicine have made great leaps in understanding, but they have done little to change the content of our character or our propensities to fight for what we want.

Like the old cigarette commercial slogan, we’d rather fight than switch. We want want we want, and we’ll do what we can (subject to our internal and social restraints) to get it.

Look around you. People are fighting for whatever they think will make their lives better. Some feel downtrodden or depressed. Others impotent. Others want more money, power, or whatever else they think will float their boat. And they all wage war to get it.

Though humans are each unique, we share many common characteristics and desires. Often those things don’t mesh with what others want for themselves, putting us on a collision course when our desires are mutually exclusive.

So we fight to go our own way, often stepping on the toes of others to do so.

This is the nature of being born into this reality. Conflict is a way of life. It is the very fabric of this reality.

How can we stop fighting?

If we are to build the promised Golden Age of peace and prosperity, we somehow have to evolve beyond this knee-jerk reaction to getting what we want. For when conflict rules the day, peace doesn’t stand a chance.

That means we have to change how we see and conduct our affairs. Otherwise, we’ll continue to be in a to-the-victor-go-the-spoils mentality, and keep on with the fighting until we win or die trying.

You can see where those battles are leading us. We’re nearing the precipice, rushing headlong to our destruction and very possibly that of all mankind.

Certainly we can hope for an ET solution, that some race of beings from the stars will suddenly appear and force us to give up our warlike ways. That would be the Gort Solution from The Day the Earth Stood Still, threatening the destruction of our world if we export our violence into the heavens.

But that would be an externally-imposed solution, forcing their desires upon us (not to mention a violation of the Prime Directive). It would do nothing to force us to change our natures and propensity to fight other than to impose a severe penalty for doing so. Inside we’d still be these seething masses of desires looking for a way out, waiting to be impressed upon the world around us so that our lives could somehow be better (so we think).

From a spiritual perspective, we wouldn’t be any closer to our source. Rather, we’d build up the walls of our self-interests even higher, looking for new ways to win our battles.

I propose a different course — the path of awareness of what’s going on inside us and others that leads us to conflict, and the more-responsible exercise of the choices that expanded consciousness allows us to make.

It is a path that would be much easier to travel if we learned new ways of manifesting our desires, as well as the self-discipline to let them go when they don’t serve to create the kind of lives we want or the world needed to live them in.

Living in the Gap

Now, I know there’s a big gap between the life you have and the one you want. A lot of things go into creating that gap, but the result is inevitably a discontent with life that makes you susceptible to your fears and desires and their pursuit in ways that perpetuate the conflicts.

Those on a spiritual path may approach that gap by trying to be content with what they are and have, allowing all things to be as they are created. Releasing desire has been a central tenet of many spiritual teachings for centuries.

Those on a more material path may find that the ways of making things happen may need to give way to new means of manifesting their desires and avoiding their fears, ways less dependent upon conflicts with others. What kind of ways? Learning to work with energy, manifesting through vibratory alignment, and applying their creative energies for the upliftment of all might be a good start.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers of how we’re going to get to this Golden Age, but I do know we’re not going to fight our way there. For any peace that comes through manipulation, control or force is only temporary, as our desires will continue to lie dormant beneath the surface just waiting for the chance to become our reality when the opportunity arises.

The path I’ve laid out involves knowing ourselves, negating the ego (moderating desires and addressing the inner conditions that cause us to fight) and listening for the whispers of our souls to guide us to new ways of interacting and into a closer relationship with source.

Those on the spiritual path know that at the end of their journey, there is no reason to fight and that we’re here to dissolve the illusions of separation that keep us apart, both from each other and the source from which we come. And they tend to see the conditions of conflict as catalysts for them to evolve ever-closer to that source, and allow the inner voice to lead them through the challenges.

Those on the material path know only what they want and what they’re willing to do to get it. They are lost in the darkness, and cannot find their way out.

If you are awakening, perhaps you share some responsibility to help them find their way. I doubt that involves engaging them on the field of battle.

But then again, each of our journeys home are a little different, and you’ve got to walk the path carved just for you. I just hope you’ll do so with a little more love, and a lot less conflict, to get there.

God bless you indeed.