How Can I Wake Up My Friends and Family?

One of the big questions I hear by those who are awakening is how they can awaken others, especially their friends and family, to get them to just see what we see and want it for themselves.

The short answer is we can’t, that like flowers blooming in the garden, each will awaken in his or her own Divine timing when their souls have had enough of herd mentality and perspective.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share what we’ve found so they can consider what it offers them. Of course show them, and if they want to know more, tell them about your own journey and how it has changed you.

But remember the law of karma as it relates to free will. When we try to impose our wills on others or control their experiences, it sets off waves of karmic ripples that will haunt both your future lives and theirs.

Accept that their continued slumber is creating valuable experience, not only for them and the world, but for you in having to deal with their resistance to another way of seeing things.

Allow all things to be as they are created, including your family and friends. While you can lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink. So you can’t thrust it upon them and force them to come over to your side.

Besides, what you think you know isn’t all there is. There’s always more. So let go of the need to show you’re right.

With that said, here’s one of the best explanations I’ve heard as to why they won’t listen anyway.

Ascending to 4th Density Consciousness in a 3D World

Those of us who are awakening are taking on an enormous task. Not only do we have to face the tremendous changes going on in us that have estranged us from the lives we once knew. We also have to deal with a 3D world hell-bent on its own destruction that wants to take us down with it. But such are the challenges facing those who are consciously ascending into 4th density consciousness.

Contrary to what many believe, there is (and will be) no magical shift from 3D into a new 5th dimension (dimensions referring to a reality with certain features of space and time). Rather, think of it as an innate reaction to an increasing bombardment of light that transmutes how we think and see the world, as well as certain aspects of our physical bodies that better respond to the higher frequencies that come with them. So rather than moving into a new dimensional space, what is in actuality occurring is an upliftment in our capacity to love and be loved through greater inflow of light. In short, as the density of light that flows into us increases, so grows our ability to embody our highest attributes and set aside our lowest. This state of being is described as 4th density consciousness.

Since there as of yet is no sudden shift to uplift the entire world at once, it must happen one heart and mind at a time. But those who expand still find themselves living in a 3D world that plays by 3D rules and brings down upon them all the horrible things like suffering and conflict that 3D is so well-known for.

Those whose consciousness is opening to these higher energies are said to be in 4D, yet they’re still here and subject to the same harms, fears and uncertainties that their slumbering brethren do.

In a sense, they have a foot in both worlds, unable to go forward any faster, and unable or at least unwilling to go back to the old ways of thought and action.

It is a disconcerting time. There are no rules or books and few teachers to guide them. Yet here they are, stumbling around in the dark while fighting against a world that wants them to stay here, even as they search desperately for others to come along with them, often to no avail.

Alone. Afraid. Cut off from all they’ve known and often under attack from all sides, these brave souls are the vanguard who must not only figure it out for themselves, but leave breadcrumbs so others can follow.

Some of us, though, have taken on an even bigger challenge — suffering the onslaughts of that 3D world while meeting its darkest aspects head-on in order to create a more habitable environment in which to live. These awakening servers are still few and far between, but can be seen by those who look. Find then. Support them. Maybe even join them if inspiration calls.

Just don’t negate them or block their way, for they do it for you and the rest of humanity. Their efforts lift the energies of us all and enable the collective consciousness to slowly rise so the increasing light can be felt by all. And as it does, a new and better tomorrow will unfold here on earth.

Whether you are among them or not doesn’t matter. What does is that you do your best to walk your talk and embody the best you know inside. Be the love that you are, and encourage your ego to step aside so your soul can shine through.

The 3D problems of your life may not go away quickly, if at all. You may even attract more troubles as your ability to perform in their world diminishes with your turn to the light. But your ability to weather the storm and roll with the punches will increase, as will your ability to manifest by intention a better tomorrow for yourself, and hopefully others.

So stay the course. Be strong in the face of adversity. Stand for the light and what you know is right. For you are working for justice for every soul, so that one day all may know heaven inside, if not also here on earth.

God bless you indeed.

Testing the Waters of an Awakening World

Energies are rising. Polarities are widening. Possibilities are emerging. All combine to expand individual and collective consciousness to bring about an awakening world.

Awakening to what? To the realization that the way things are isn’t taking us to where we want to go.

The process now unfolding is triggering awareness that the systems and institutions and leadership of our world have worked at the expense of humanity, to suppress its growth and control its creativity in service of a parasitic few who pull the strings of power.

It has also shined light upon the terrible ways we’ve treated each other over the years, and still do in many cases.

So far, the people aren’t sure what to do. All they know is the old ways aren’t working and they want something better. They just aren’t sure yet what that is, or how to bring it about, much less the changes in them that will be required to do it.

That growing desire is making them susceptible to undue influence by those who would corrupt their good intentions and use them to control and divert them from their unseen goal.

This is all part of the growth process we must undergo to throw off the chains of our servitude and rise into true sovereignty over our affairs. Whether that unfolds smoothly or through fits and starts bringing great pain along the way remains to be seen.

Those who are awakening are only remotely aware of this greater activity, caught up in the outer affairs that demand their attention to nudge them little by little toward this new tomorrow. Their shock, horror and outrage are symptoms of their growing awareness and hopefully also their realization of their role in how and why things got to where they are today.

Ahead will be opportunities to raise their visions to what they hope the future will bring, and the kind of lives they want to live in it . Mostly, though, it will bring increasing discomfort while they remain engaged in the web of negatively-charged energies that hold in place the status quo, and a growing desire to be within higher energies that allow them greater peace, love and joy.

To ease their way through this process, they might try to find context for their lives and why they’re here, now, in this space and time. They may wish to find what creative energies that they have to add to the collective consciousness, and bring forth those that expand it for themselves and for all. Most of all, they may want to explore the processes of their own consciousness to better know themselves and their own way through the darkness so they can build lives that serve them.

If you are one such soul, I invite you to explore the various projects and websites linked above. They will help bring you greater meaning, purpose and perspective for your journey, and told to make it in a better way

Godspeed and God bless you indeed. Go with love.