The Purge of Dissent Against the Narrative

The powers that be — that amorphous group of politicians, bureaucrats, academics, consultants, media, medical and technological experts and the rulers that pull their strings — are well-underway in a great power play to purge society of all dissent to their plans, views and the narratives they use to advance them.

The efforts to advance their agenda are happening everywhere all at once. Their intentions are clear.

They want to shut us up and keep us from discussing all the reasons they should be opposed and the evidence of their actions that are slowly coming to light.

The January 6th prosecutions were meant as an example to others not to stand against them. And if they do, the full force of the system will come down upon them. Domestic terrorists, their detractors are called. And they’ve passed all sort of laws to increase their powers to surveil, control and oppress anyone who dares to speak out, much less stand, against them.

So what is an awakening soul to do?

There is only one choice. Go along to get along. Roll over and play dead lest you become one of their victims.

Or don’t and speak your truth, regardless of what they do to try to stop you. Do what you feel called to do. Rally others to your cause. Even stand and fight if you must, whether it makes you a martyr or soldier for the cause of truth and freedom.

I do not profess violence, or even conflict. Civil disobedience is in itself in many cases sufficient, though some think more dramatic measures may from time-to-time be required. Perhaps the people will even get pissed off enough with their abuses to throw off their yoke and declare themselves free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, to be free at last.

But I don’t espouse any of that. Support its objectives? For the most part, yes. Advocate for it? Not yet. Instead, I hold out the inner way for all who care to listen.

Whatever God wills I am for. I want a better tomorrow, but I do not know if mankind is ready to accept the responsibility of freedom, much less go to the lengths required to get along with each other and not do harm in the process — to themselves, to others, or to the earth.

I speak to our collective consciousness, in a sense sticking my toe in the water to test its evolution. But so far I see far too many who are caught up in their partisan games, rooting for one side or another while the ones who set them at odds sit back and reap all the spoils at the expense of the people.

Mankind is far too enmeshed in its own personal affairs and self-interests to care what the collective consciousness requires of us to grow into something more, so our world can do so as well. But from my limited vantage point, it looks to me like what we need is what we always have needed — more love and light, more caring and connection, more tolerance and understanding — if we are truly going to be ready for 4th density consciousness or above.

For now, though, those in service-to-self are winning. They control the levers of power at most all levels. And they even control the hearts and minds of many within the masses, imposing their wokist religion by any means necessary as they ideologically march through society to destroy all that stand in their way.

Sure, it is couched in glowing terms like diversity and inclusion, but those are just popular terms used to wrest powers from the prevailing cultures and shift it to those who manipulate their fervor to gain a fascist foothold in our future, with the freedoms of all hanging in the balance.

Free will must make a stand. Humanity must make its choice. I cannot make it for them, nor will my words have much impact in inspiring it. That can only come from inside, from each individual’s connection to the Presence and the guidance received, hopefully undistorted by egoic filters that keep bringing us more of the same.

As you watch the events of your world unfold, I hope you will see them clearly within the bigger picture of the evolution of humanity and its readiness — or not — to become more and express itself in new and better ways. Right now, it isn’t ready. Perhaps the great struggle between the warring sides will prepare it to be. I pray that will be so.

You can only make the choices before you for your own life, and perhaps to some small extent for the affairs of the world that impact it. Make them wisely, with your eyes open and full awareness of what they’re doing and why.

Your entry into the higher realms will require it. So will the rest of humanity’s — if they’re up to the task.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Storm Clouds are Gathering to Threaten Us on Many Fronts

Where’s a soul to find peace these days? Everywhere we turn storm clouds are gathering, and with them bringing threats on many fronts with ominous implications to our lives.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and his father’s private possession of classified documents raises the specter that our leaders don’t serve the people. Instead, it suggests a persuasive corruption and homage to money and power that has settled into all aspects of government and the rest of society.

Culture wars are all around, as foundations like family, church and livelihood are under attack from the wokist ideology that is pitting the people against each other and imposing once-marginalized ideas and lifestyles over all aspects of society.

Free speech is no longer free, with a partnership between progressive partisans, government officials and Big Tech imposing their propaganda narratives and censoring all dissent.

Free will is nearly as restrained, with lockdowns and mandates imposed by those who think they know best how we all should live out lives.

Food supplies are poisoned by toxins, plastics, heavy metals, and sterilizing agents. And soon, MRNA vaccines and fertilizers will put graphene oxide into everything we consume.

War is underway in Europe, with escalations expected as arms flood into the conflict. China wants Taiwan by hook or by crook, and many think they’ll take it by force — setting off another war.

Chemtrails spray who knows what into the air. Pollutants and plastics flood our seas. Politicians and WEF power brokers are pushing draconian measures to restrict energy supplies and impair industry under the guise of concern for climate changes, all to impose their control agenda upon the world.

The financial system is breaking down, too, as fiat money is shown to be a fraud the ultra-wealthy perpetrate on the rest of us. And some speak openly about the rich owning the world and the people nothing, promising we’ll be happy with whatever crumbs they drop for us to fight over.

Oh, it is a grand time to be alive. But for those who are awakening to it all, it doesn’t feel so grand. Instead, they feel under attack, assaulted from all sides and unsure which way to turn to fight back, much less how.

Mankind is at a turning point, and our individual abilities to influence which way it goes are minimal at best. Sure, we can band together to fight back here and there, but the systems and institutions of our civilization have been captured by the forces wagng the assault.

Going back to the way things were isn’t possible. But where do we’re go from here?

Well, we can go along to get along. That’s certainly where most are headed. But the future they’re moving torward doesn’t look so bright, particularly for those who believe in the sovereignty of every soul.

I see no hope of compromise or moderating their plans. They’re too entrenched in their ways, and the captured media are keeping the sheep fast asleep while they impose their will on the world ahead.

Rather, I only see conflict and uncertainty, with those who don’t breaking away from the pack to create parallel networks, institutions and perhaps even enclaves of their own societies so they can go their own ways.

Peace in the world is and will continue to be hard to find. So the only peace we’ll get has to be inside, detaching from the cares and concerns of a turbulent world and focusing on the little joys we find in our own lives.

From there, we can expand our peace and joy and try to show it so others will want the same. But most will be too blinded to see or even care.

The great clash will sweep us all away if we let it. Maybe solutions will appear as we resist the onslaught. But for now, we must prepare ourselves and steel our wills to face the challenges at hand.

If you must fight, give it your all. But try to first find peace in your time, here and now.

It’s the only way to avoid carrying the seeds of today’s problems into the future we hope to create.

Godspeed, and God bless you indeed. Go with love.

What Does Ascension Have to Do With Standing Against the Storm?

My readers know that I have encouraged them to “stand,” Why is that? And what does standing against the Storm have to do with their Ascension, or that of humanity, into 4th Density consciousness?

First some background. Ascension is all about expanding consciousness to begin knowing what more you are than what you know yourself to be. That knowing of Self leads to the release of certain beliefs and perceptions that lock you into a perspective that this 3D reality is all there is, and that you are the confusing mishmash of thoughts, emotions and actions that conducts your affairs in this world.

The Storm, on the other hand, is that onslaught of synchronistic events now assaulting our world — and possibly your life — that is forcing you to confront how you see and relate to the world around you. It is a series of events that, taken together, act much like a hurricane that requires you to prepare to meet the force of its winds and rains, shuttering your windows and then riding out the storm, hoping and praying it doesn’t blow you away with it.

It need not be as sinister as the theft of your freedoms or attempt to manipulate humanity’s future like is happening right now at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. It can be something as common as a personal or business relationship gone sour in which you were sorely wronged that threatens to wreak havoc on your life and affairs.

What’s it all about?

What is important about all of this is that you must know and stand for yourself and what you believe is right (generally as guided by your inner voice), not only for the benefit of your own personal affairs, but also to do justice for your soul that demands recognition and alignment of you and your life with the best it holds for you inside.

That doesn’t mean you have to win. That’s not up to you, though your will, determination and effort will have a lot to do with it.

What it does mean is that you have to put your fear and hesitation aside and take the leap of faith that this is what you must do and that somehow and some way things will work out. Your back is to the wall, and you’re being forced to fight like hell for what you believe in and know is right.

This is no time to go along to get along, nor to hedge your bets and settle for something less than whatever will allow you to live with yourself and your life when the battle is done, however it turns out, knowing you gave it your all.

In short, standing against the storm may at some point require you to push all your chips to the center of the table, to borrow a metaphor from the game of poker. And though it may portend life and death consequences to you or those you love, this is indeed a game being played by the Presence within through the consciousness you know yourself to be (and theirs), to not only meet your needs in this life, but also to advance your journey back to the Creator from which you came.

It is your way of shouting to the Universe, “I matter, and I deserve to be treated fairly and my free will and right to evolve on my own terms should be respected.” And so you bring all that you are to the table, and maybe even all that you’ve acquired or worked to create over the years for yourself and your family, to make sure that it hears your voice.

If you look around, you’ll see many instances of it happening. Those who stood against forced vaccination were making such a stand. So are those who fight to be heard when their voices are stifled or suppressed. The examples are everywhere for those who would see. When you do, draw upon them for strength and inspiration to make your stand when and where you must.

I can’t tell you how or where that will be. Only you will know that for sure, and probably only when you reach the point where you don’t have any other choice.

What’s it got to do with Ascension?

Why is this important for Ascension? I’m glad you asked that question. Or at least, I was hoping you were.

Ascension is the process of moving to new densities of consciousness, where greater love and light can flow into and through us into our lives and world. As it does, it requires we let go of many of the old ways of a three-dimensional world that keep us locked into struggle and conflict. One of those ways is acquiescing to power and living on our knees.

In the old days, if a serf would dare to stand in the presence of his king, he risked having his head cut off. And your standing may have a similar effect now, if things don’t go well.

But at this moment in humanity’s evolutionary journey, the power of the soul and the presence within take precedence over the power of the sword. And though adversaries may smite you down, destroy your career or take all your money, the real battle is within you and your fear of the worldly repercussions of standing up for the best you know inside.

Until you release that fear, or at least act in spite of it, you will always stay chained to this 3D reality and may never ascend into the higher planes of existence. The war is not just for your life in the here and now, but for the future course of your soul’s journey through existence. As the saying goes, it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

Well, your soul wants to fly. It wants to experience the possibilities of love and light that are so limited in much of our lives, and to set the stage for its own metamorphosis into higher levels of expression of the consciousness within that is waiting to be unleashed. It wants SPIRITUAL JUSTICE.

And so you must stand. How, when, where and for what is up to you (and your soul). Why is the promise of becoming more, both for you and the world around you.

For as you evolve into higher expressions of you, the energies you send out into the collective consciousness will begin to create a new world in which the old 3D ways can no longer exist, and others will be naturally uplifted along the way. If you don’t and stay locked in fear, succumbing to the tremendous pressures that will be placed upon you, things won’t change in our world, and most probably will get worse.

You see where it’s going. Only you standing up for you and what you know is right can turn the tide. Perhaps not alone, but if you don’t do your part, who will?

Please, stand. Stand! STAND!!!!!

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Apocalypse Report – Digital Passports and the Road to Ascension

Have you heard the latest news? The G20 voted to adopt a system of digital passports to be developed by the World Health Organization.

Their purported goal is to facilitate travel around the world, but we all know the real reason — they want greater ability to lock down and control the people and force their poisons into our bloodstreams. Even better, it will open the door to the carbon footprint and social credit system they want so badly.

So what’s all that have to do with Ascension?

Well, besides the fact that QAnon mentioned ascension in its last post #4963?

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 000000 No.17788718 

SOS Offices.
Patriots in trusted positions.
Trust yourself.
You have seen the truth.
Time to show the world.

Quite a lot, actually. And whatever Q is referencing is only a sideshow as far as the ascension I am talking about.

For the uninitiated, ascension refers to the “spiritual” possibility of the individual and mass upliftment of humanity into higher dimensions or densities of consciousness. It is in a sense the fulfillment of the Rapture promised in Christianity where souls are raised up to Heaven to escape the trials and tribulations of an evil world.

Evil really seems to describe a lot of what we’re seeing these days, for all the food, energy, water, weather and other crises that are currently unfolding appear to be created and coordinated by some invisible hand (sic, the World Economic Forum and its henchment?) to bring about such social disorder that the people turn en masse to them and cry, “Save us!” And of course, they will only if we concede all power over our future and the benefit of our labors and resources to them

Yet while this is happening, many are awakening to their shenanigans and standing against the Storm they have unleashed. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one. Or want to be.

Nevertheless, the spiritual objective behind all of this is to raise the vibrational frequencies of the collective human organism, as well as each of us individually. Yet the actions of the dark ones (whoever is behind the turmoil) are designed to lower those vibrations by dragging us down through fear, struggle and hardship — not to mention killing a lot of us off in the process.

Therefore the “awakening” that must happen is the expansion of consciousness to see through their facade enough to break free of the inner conditions that make us mentally and emotionally susceptible to such fears.

In a very real sense, the spiritual purpose of all of this is to wring those thoughts and emotions out of us until we just can’t succumb to them any more. It’s not that we won’t have the fear; rather, it’s that the fear will no longer control us and bring us down. Of course, when you’re that low, it often seems there’s nowhere to go but up.

So up we will go, rejecting their negativity and embracing all that raises our vibrations. Thankfulness for our lives and loved ones, even facing the prospect of losing them or the lives, jobs or possessions we’ve known, will help a lot. Gratitude for the peace the sweeps over us will help, too, even if it isn’t because of our choosing peace, but because we just don’t have it in us to go any lower.

And from that place of positivity, our vibrations will begin to rise and the chains of the dark ones will be thrown off. Perhaps it will take mass action by the people; perhaps it will only take turning away from their systems and institutions and toward our own. Whatever it takes, humanity is being prepared through the catalysts created by the dark ones to take a giant leap into a bright and beautiful future — a Golden Age, if you will.

So as the events unfold around you and darkness spreads its icy grip across the land, know that this is only a temporary stimulus to help you evolve, and to empower the rest of humanity to evolve with you. Don’t give up hope, and certainly don’t give up standing for the best you have inside.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to bottom out in the difficulties ahead. You can start doing something about it today, and build a better tomorrow in the process.

If you’re the proactive sort and don’t want to be bandied about like a leaf in the wind, you might just want to start addressing the things in you and your life that make you susceptible to their power games. Find your peace, and empower yourself to survive the Storm and stand against its worst. Bring out the best you have inside, and share it will all whose lives you touch.

Embody today all that you want to be tomorrow. It’s the only way to manifest a New Earth. As you do, know that you’re helping to raise the tide that will lift all boats.

We will get through this. You will get through this. And when we do, the future is bright.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.