Goodbye 2022 – Year-End Recap

Can you believe it? 2022 is almost over, and it’s time for my year-end recap.

Boy, does time fly. Have you noticed how it seems to be accelerating — not just time itself as perceived from year-to-year, but the spacing between events that capture our attention? It’s like God is speeding things up, and in the process conditioning our attention to the increasing bombardment of stimulation from all different directions.

So time is speeding up. How about that? Could it be possible? And if so, why might that be occurring now in these End Times foretold by prophecy, assuming they are?

Well, there’s certainly the possibility of mass ascension, dangled by some as a Divine upliftment of humanity that is supposedly just around the corner. I’ve discussed the possibility many times, so you probably know my position on it already — that if it comes, it comes.

But we can’t live our lives in hopeful anticipation (or dread) for what it might bring, if anything. Life is lived here and now, and that’s all that really matters anyway.

However, I do see this “speeding up” as a phenomena of the increasing vibrations being caused by the bombardment of higher frequencies of light (yes, it has higher frequencies beyond the visible spectrum) that are wreaking havoc on our individual energy fields, as well as the energies of the collective consciousness that creates this world. That’s why the old systems and institutions are crumbling, and people are fighting to hold onto what they’ve got or get a piece of the new pie that they want to see created.

It’s ushering in a period of transition when chaos reigns everywhere, and conflict is the order of the day — ala the way things are playing out now in our world.

I see this not only continuing, but accelerating in the coming year. So either buckle up, or throw your hands up and scream with excitement. Because it’s sure to be a wild ride, and holding on tight to the lives they’ve known may not be possible for most.

Social Affairs

Many lives were turned upside down by COVID, the vaxx and lockdowns. Supply chain disruptions, energy shortages, mandates, food shortages and more certainly haven’t helped.

Their underlying causes haven’t been addressed, including both structural issues that must be resolved to match needs with available resources and methods, as well as the explosion of manipulation and control by those in service-to-self who are trying to hang on for dear life. Because they see the possibility that their dominance might be slipping away, so their grasping is a natural response to both impose their own visions and desires upon us all, but also to forestall the inevitable deterioration that will come with the upliftment of human consciousness.

For it is this increase in consciousness that will mark the months and years to come. Individuals are awakening to so many things that once remained hidden, and many are stepping into the breach to shine their light and assert their individuality and free will where it was once denied.

Again, the old ways will not go down easy, but the genie is out of the bottle. Notwithstanding the increasing frequencies that set our polarities vibrating and put us in conflict with each other, individuality will not go quietly into the night. Each person wants and needs to be heard, to be valued and respected for what he or she brings to the table, and we are going to be increasingly challenged to find new ways to live together in order to do that.

Free Will is Rising

With the advent of a new age of individuality will come a greater degree of conscious human interaction, coming together to co-create a future that will better serve us all. Foundations for this future will continue to be laid, and will start to emerge into the public awareness in the coming year.

Humans being what they are, self-determination will ultimately lead to greater conflict for a while as we act out against each other and the society that constrains us. But as consciousness grows, so will our ability to wield that free will in greater responsibility for its impact upon others and the world around us — and to find ways to allow each other room to assert their own individuality and free will within the framework of that new earth.

This could prove to be a long transition and will not come easily. For in order to oppose those in service-to-self who want to rule over us, we will have to stand and engage in some of the very attributes we hope to leave behind, including conflict, violence and non-compliance with the rules and systems they try to impose.

But human ingenuity will rise to the task and find new ways to adapt and prevail. It always does, but does not occur in linear fashion. We may find pockets or periods of greater oppression and control that limit our free will, especially upon our speech, financial affairs and freedom of movement. Eventually, though — probably not in 2023 but over a much longer time — consciousness will evolve to the point that the old ways will not be able to exist any more within the new energies and awareness sweeping over the world.

What’s in it for you?

You will be challenged in the coming year. You will have to decide whether to fight to hold onto the old, work to create the new, or try to find some balance in between that serves you.

It is a period of adaptation required to loosen the hold of old beliefs and begin to exist without creating new ones to take their place. You will need to cultivate a nimbleness of perspective and mind that will allow you to float on the waves as the storm blows through your world, rather than get dragged down by the anchors of old ways that no longer serve your accelerating expansion.

That suggests that you may want to stop listening to whoever feeds you their version of the “news,” whether mainstream, alternate or anything else, because they’re just trying to rally you to their views and narratives to control your thinking and advance their own interests.

You, on the other hand, must become more discerning and intuitive, connecting deeply to source and drawing upon whatever guidance you can receive. Understand, though, that this guidance does not absolve you of responsibility to make your own choices, nor is it guaranteed to take you where you want to go. Instead, you must clear your own filters that distort its perception and your interpretation of it.

So you must continue to grow into a greater expression of who you are and have intended yourself to be. Relationships will be strained as some adapt at a quicker rate than others. However, try not to break those bonds completely; allow them time to evolve on their own, as their journeys require, and to get the experiences that come along the way.

It may mean greater separation for you or them. It may mean growing closer to others with whom you are now estranged. However it plays out, understand it is all happening to expand you and to grow you closer to the Oneness from which we all come.

What’s ahead for us?

I expect greater changes in me in the year to come, especially in the methods and approaches by which these messages are communicated to you. Less of an effort will be made to disseminate them, and more to just put them out there for whoever may stumble across them. So if you find something of value in what I offer, I invite you to share it so that others may discern for themselves if it offers anything to them as well.

On a substantive note, this blog looks like it will continue in full force. But since I only work as the spirit moves me, I would not be surprised if there are long periods of silence while I’m taken in another direction.

We saw this last year with extensive podcasts for Red Pill Chronicles through the first half of the year, after which the energy was withdrawn and it was left as a resource for personal development for those of you who care to check it out. As a reminder, it is about awakening souls expanding their consciousness to deal with the affairs of a blue pill world. Whether more will come in the future I do not know, but there have been several such periods over the years of its existence.

What I do anticipate is a return to video messages, which will be hosted on my new Bitchute account and embedded in blog posts here. It’s been a long break since my last ones on my YouTube PeaceOptions channel, but spirit’s giving me that nudge now to dust them off and get in front of a camera again.

My intention is to focus on what’s going on in our world and how you might better move through the difficulties that arise as you continue on your journey to the light. But then again, until I actually sit down, turn on the camera and the words come out of my mouth, I can’t be too sure of what’s actually going to come out. So please keep an eye out. I feel the energy building now, and hope to have our first episode coming soon.

The end is not near

Well, the end of this edition of my newsletter is, but the end of our world isn’t. It’s got a long way to go, regardless of the fear being fed you from every conceivable source around.

God willing, your life will go on, too. So live it fully. Bring your attention to every moment, and just give it the best you have at that time. It may not your best ever or yet to come. Just do what you can to live and experience whatever life brings, and to find as much peace and joy in the moment as you can.

I want to thank you for being with me on this journey and allowing me to share whatever pespectives I’ve been allowed to offer. Whatever you do with them is totally up to you.

This is your life. Your awareness. Your choice of what to do, and what not to do.

I am grateful you have granted me this audience, and I look forward to the opportunity to share more with you in the year to come.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

John Dennison
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