How to Raise Your Vibrations per Nikola Tesla

We’re working to manifest a new world of 4th density consciousness. We each have to do our parts.

Whether you’re on a mission to make some difference or not, the most important thing you can do is raise your vibrations to match the bright and uplifting future you want.

Don’t know how? Focus on the basics. Here’s a quick guide.

Credit, however,, goes not to Tesla but to the extensive work of Abraham as channeled through Esther and Jerry Hicks on the vibratory law of attraction.

Now, practice it. Try to match the vibration of what you want our world to be. Peace and joy are where I focus, but you do you.


John Dennison
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John Dennison


Retired lawyer. Sensei. Spiritual teacher. Disciple of the Light. John shares insight and illumination to travel the spiritual path through a material world, and how to use its principles to deal with difficulties, overcome obstacles and build a better tomorrow. Through public speaking and a variety of books, blogs, podcasts, videos and websites, he holds out a path through the darkness to build lives that serve us, and the world. His book, "Whispers in the Silence -- Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to hearing your inner voice and cultivating the ego.