Fearless Special on the COVID Cartel and Vaccine Cover-Up

I’m watching this special roundtable with Jason Whitlock, Robert Kennedy Jr, Sen. Ron Johnson and others as they take on the COVID Cartel and the resulting coverup that has triggered the awakening of millions around the world.

Here it is. I HIGHLY recommend it .

John Dennison
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John Dennison


Retired lawyer. Sensei. Spiritual teacher. Disciple of the Light. John shares insight and illumination to travel the spiritual path through a material world, and how to use its principles to deal with difficulties, overcome obstacles and build a better tomorrow. Through public speaking and a variety of books, blogs, podcasts, videos and websites, he holds out a path through the darkness to build lives that serve us, and the world. His book, "Whispers in the Silence -- Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a guide to hearing your inner voice and cultivating the ego.