What More Are You Than You Know Yourself To Be?

Isn’t that really the question, the reason why you’re here — to know yourself as the Presence has intended you to be, and to explore what more you are and can be within the context of how you have been created?

This is a journey of self-discovery that we’re on, and the experiences life serves up are the way we do it. Through them we know ourselves a little more — or at least we can if we have the presence of mind to look beyond the challenges of the moment.

Certainly we have choice along the way. After all, free will is a central tenet of all existence, as each aspect of the Creator’s energy is endowed with the ability to choose how it will know and experience itself through the lives it lives in the various planes of existence.

Yet our choice is not without restraint. Not only are there constraints upon how we go our own ways in these lives, but also the choices of the Outer Self that we know ourselves as are moderated and to a large extent pre-determined by the souls, or higher selves, of the Inner Self whose consciousness enervates and guides us along the paths of our lives.

The task for all who seek to know themselves and what more that they are or can be is to understand and work within these different energies and the constraints they impose upon where we’re going, how we get there, and most importantly, how we experience the lives we’re living in this very moment.

This is why neither I nor any teacher can tell you which way is yours, or how to get where you’re going. It’s an art form you must develop as you journey through your life, experiencing and growing yourself as you process each moment that unfolds.

Consciousness, though, is the tool by which you can empower yourself to know yourself in all your capabilities, and to strive to become more if you choose. Increasing awareness of what makes you you and how you are is the way to expand that consciousness to see and know more, and bring you more choices along the way.

Through this site you will find many articles here, as well as links to my other websites, where you can explore different aspects of yourself. What you choose will be determined as much by your own intentions and desires as anything else.

Those in struggle and conflict, whether inner or outer, will find extensive materials at PeaceOptions.

Those consciously striving to follow the spiritual path of their own inner development will find posts at WhisperZone targeted to their awareness of the spiritual possibilities and implications of the path they tread, and allow them to try other perspectives on for size.

And those who challenge themselves to expand their physical and mental prowess through the martial arts will find GojuatHome offers an extensive library of curated videos, organized in a way they can grow themselves at home, even without a sensei/sifu or dojo to push them along.

Whatever your path, it is yours to tread alone. I share what I can. The rest is up to you to find what you need and make it work for you.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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