Tie up loose ends and let go of the past

We’re a week into the new year and some things from the past just keep hanging on. I’ve got them in my life. I know you certainly must have a few in yours. Why don’t you join me in tying up loose ends and saying goodbye to all the things from your past that you carry around your neck like an albatross?

It’s hard to let go. Many of those are aspects of lives left behind that defined who we were, memories we cling to as an anchor of relevance in a world filled with so much uncertainty.

In my case it’s remnants of several decades of law practice and the relationships and responsibilities that came with it that don’t serve me any more. While it was often a joy to serve, it took its toll in many ways, not the least of which was the ever-present voice whispering in my ear to come back, you’re needed and valued by so many.

Sometimes, though, I wanted to just turn it all off. Even in my retirement some of those voices keep calling me back, reminding of things undone and needs unserved.

As I heard when I started so many years ago when I got my ticket to practice, the law is like a jealous mistress. It never wants to let go and always keeps calling you back and wanting more than you have to give.

For me, it included solving other people’s problems for them, being on call when they needed me and crafting solutions to get the results they wanted. It continued beyond the law in my consulting and coaching, always remaining available, and always keeping one foot in that other world where their interests and needs took precedence over my own — and even my calling to shine the light on path for those who wanted to move through darkness and uncertainty in a different way than simply take on more of the same.

It was a great run and ended much too soon when illness struck. But life went on, and I learned that sometimes just being alive has to be enough.

Even then, though, I found it hard to let go of that part of myself that saw easing their struggles and suffering as part of who I am. But the whispers of spirit have grown stronger and called me to focus on the challenges facing humanity and the expanded consciousness that will be needed to meet them. And so I have let it go, no longer offering consultations or coaching. To all of you who need my availability, I hope you’ll understand I have other mountains to climb, and wish you well as you tackle your own.

So what’s this got to do with you and 2023? Don’t be afraid to close the door on the life you once knew. It’s a big step, but you’re up to the task. Holding on will only hold you back from the one you’ve got to live now.

There’s a bright and beautiful future waiting to be created and it needs your full effort and attention. What better time to get started than now?

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

John Dennison
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