Thy Will Be Done – Can We Serve God and Serve Ourselves?

Be careful when you say, “Thy Will be done.” For it may not always take you where you want to go.

Doing God’s will is not the same as doing your own. But then, you know where that got you, a life that brought you to the point where you threw your hands up and said, “I give up. You lead. You do it.”

In my case I turned to my inner Master and pleaded, “Teach me.” It was toward knowing myself and doing God’s will that I was pointed.

I can tell you first hand it may not bring you what you want. Many of my desires fell along the way, unable to be sustained or nourished by the life and lifestyle to which I was led.

My health did, too, as it brought challenge after challenge to keep myself alive, much less live the life I wanted.

Finances changed, too, and not in the way I intended. Lawyering pays a lot better than writing and speaking, when it pays at all.

But make no mistake. It will bring you what you need for your journey inward to your source, accelerating and intensifying catalysts that arise along the way to squeeze as much progress into your life as possible.

For while doing God’s will may have you serving or loving others in one form or another, it may also have you struggling and sacrificing to do so, putting you in situations of lack and limitation to experience and work through. And it’s not an easy task to manifest a vision without the worldly means to do so, bootstrapping yourself to do whatever you’re called to do without any indication it will ever serve you at all.

Nevertheless, when it’s your turn to turn toward the source of life within, you’ll take whatever comes with it. For knowing yourself and dissolving the illusions that separate you from that source make it all worthwhile, even as painful as it may be to get there.

I wish you well on your inner journey. Godspeed.

John Dennison
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