The Times, They are A’Changing

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Changing times. The old is self-destructing. Its systems and institutions can’t keep up with the new energies bombarding our world. Neither can the morals and standards of civil society — if there is such a thing any more.

It’s manifesting in many ways. People are acting out. Emotions run wild. Fear and stress overload. Just to name a few.

The reason is we’re moving into a new age long ago prophesied, ruled by peace and love. But getting there is going to be a pain — literally.

Because what we’re seeing playing out in the news and on social media is a reflection of individuals succumbing to the imbalances brought on by the energies, exacerbated by the uncertainties of the times along with their own inner conditions, all combining to push them over the edge.

I like to think of it like acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The body has energy pathways that nourish our organ systems. Proper balance and flow are needed to keep us healthy. When blockages occur, illness and injury often result.

The energies are increasing the vibration (and the polarities) of everything and everyone. But as they do, some parts get out of balance, leading to all kinds of troubles, both for them and society. As a result, some people can’t deal with it when faced with he catalysts of their lives and do bad things.

Unfortunately, some among the ruling elite are concerned that their hold on power will be threatened. Others want to grab it for themselves and extend it over all. So they get ever-more strident in their efforts to keep the people under control — a people that are rapidly awakening. Awakening not just to the shenanigans of our rulers and bureaucrats, but also to their spiritual natures and the purpose of their existence — some even seeking connection with their Creator by consciously working to advance along that path.

I would expect this breakdown to continue, and even accelerate. Many changes will be needed for the new world to come, most of which start in us individually. We will continue to evolve toward peace, love and service to others, despite what one might assume by watching the news today.

The key to surviving this storm is to listen to your inner voice. And that means getting quiet and addressing egoic distortions like bias, fear and desire at their root so that we don’t carry today’s problems into the future we want to create.

It’s hard to look ahead when things look so uncertain and even scary. But understand that this is a test that humanity must pass, and if we do, the good times come. And if we don’t, well, maybe there’s a reason to be scared.

But dwelling on it or succumbing to fear won’t make it any better. In fact, it will just keep creating more of the same.

That’s the trick, looking beyond the darkness and difficulties to the possibilities of a better tomorrow — and doing our best every single day to bring them into our present and live as if they’re already here.

Then again, that’s why you’re here. You know what to do. Get ‘er done!

God bless you indeed. I am


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