Testing the Waters of an Awakening World

Energies are rising. Polarities are widening. Possibilities are emerging. All combine to expand individual and collective consciousness to bring about an awakening world.

Awakening to what? To the realization that the way things are isn’t taking us to where we want to go.

The process now unfolding is triggering awareness that the systems and institutions and leadership of our world have worked at the expense of humanity, to suppress its growth and control its creativity in service of a parasitic few who pull the strings of power.

It has also shined light upon the terrible ways we’ve treated each other over the years, and still do in many cases.

So far, the people aren’t sure what to do. All they know is the old ways aren’t working and they want something better. They just aren’t sure yet what that is, or how to bring it about, much less the changes in them that will be required to do it.

That growing desire is making them susceptible to undue influence by those who would corrupt their good intentions and use them to control and divert them from their unseen goal.

This is all part of the growth process we must undergo to throw off the chains of our servitude and rise into true sovereignty over our affairs. Whether that unfolds smoothly or through fits and starts bringing great pain along the way remains to be seen.

Those who are awakening are only remotely aware of this greater activity, caught up in the outer affairs that demand their attention to nudge them little by little toward this new tomorrow. Their shock, horror and outrage are symptoms of their growing awareness and hopefully also their realization of their role in how and why things got to where they are today.

Ahead will be opportunities to raise their visions to what they hope the future will bring, and the kind of lives they want to live in it . Mostly, though, it will bring increasing discomfort while they remain engaged in the web of negatively-charged energies that hold in place the status quo, and a growing desire to be within higher energies that allow them greater peace, love and joy.

To ease their way through this process, they might try to find context for their lives and why they’re here, now, in this space and time. They may wish to find what creative energies that they have to add to the collective consciousness, and bring forth those that expand it for themselves and for all. Most of all, they may want to explore the processes of their own consciousness to better know themselves and their own way through the darkness so they can build lives that serve them.

If you are one such soul, I invite you to explore the various projects and websites linked above. They will help bring you greater meaning, purpose and perspective for your journey, and told to make it in a better way

Godspeed and God bless you indeed. Go with love.

John Dennison
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