Surfing the Wave of Impending Doom

I don’t surf. Never tried it, but it sure looks like fun. But from where I stand in my life, it feels exhilarating and let’s me know I’m alive. It’s much like what’s going on today. Our world is crashing down, as is much about the lives we’ve known. And in many cases there’s not a lot we can do about it. All we can do is surf the wave of our impending doom, to run the “pipe” (?) and hope we’re able to come out the other side unscathed.

Sure, sometimes we’ve got to fight back against the forces of destruction and make our stand. But that is, to me at least, a function of the impulses and inspirations of my inner voice in response to the needs of the moment. And when it says to fight, I fight like hell to survive and win or die trying.

Right now, though, that’s not where it’s leading me. Rather, it’s to be at total peace within the curl, even knowing one false move or none at all can bring the full weight of a changing reality crashing down upon my head.

it reminds of a song from my youth. “Wipe Out.” Iconic drum solo.

Like the high energy of the drum solo, life in these crazy times is a real rush. The senses tingle and stay on high alert, while I just take it all in to at least see what’s coming and hopefully respond appropriately when needed.

But for the most part, my job at the moment is to sit back and enjoy the ride, like being on a high speed roller coaster that twists and dips and dives where you just throw your hands up and head back with abandon and revel to every sensation it brings, including the fear of contemplating, “What if…?

I guess this is the culmination of my work over these last decades, to realize I was preparing myself for this moment. And now to bring to bear all that I’ve become to make the most of it.

For those who are interested in how they can do it for themselves and move through the darkness in a better way, I invite them to visit my other websites linked through the front page of this, my namesite. There they can develop different aspects of themselves to better ride out the storm and do what they need to do.

Whether you choose to visit and grow yourself is totally up to you. I’ve dropped breadcrumbs you can follow, but only you can make the effort to grow yourself and become more.

In the meantime, surf’s up. Enjoy the ride. Just don’t expect it to end any time soon.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

John Dennison
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