Rise of a New Earth

I feel it. You feel it. The whole world feels it. The way things were will never again be the way things are. Normal is gone. A new normal is yet to come.

These are the End Times, or as I call them, the Time of Changes. Earth has entered a new age, and the status quo we’ve known cannot be supported by the increasing energies bombarding our world and frequencies they raise.

As we’ve discussed before, many are feeling the stresses of these energies, compounded by the isolation, anxiety and fear triggered by the powers-that-be to keep us in our places. People try to hold it together, but sometimes out of nowhere they explode in fits of rage and violence that ripple through our society, often taking many lives in the process.

To boot, the media incessantly pushes our buttons to hate each other and divide ourselves on whatever fault line they can find, while government uses Big Tech to censor our speech and control what information comes into our awareness. At least, they do when they aren’t beating the drums for this war or that.

To many, it sure looks like the Apocalypse is upon us. But I don’t want to get too caught up in the doom and gloom. There are enough spiritual warriors fighting those battles and our attention is required elsewhere, at least for now.

Envisioning a Better Tomorrow

I know what you’re wondering. How can he look away from the assaults on freedom and justice and threats to the future of humanity? It’s everywhere we turn, and the implications for us all are enormous.

And yes, I agree with you that it is crucial we the people win the war against humanity. But that war is fought on many fronts, not the least of which is energetic. For the energies of darkness are being wielded against us, just as the energies of light must be mobilized to counteract them and build something better.

For the primary weapon against the darkness is light, and with it expand consciousness and increase vibrations of the collective consciousness. This is the Great Awakening that is now underway.

Just as the dark attacks, it seems there is an opposite and perhaps soon to be greater force of light ready to respond and turn the tide back in our favor. That light is reflecting a growing desire of the people for more and better from those who govern them, and causing them to stand against the imposition of new, draconian measures designed to impoverish, dis-empower and even exterminate us.

While the powers may try to suppress this growing consciousness, it will not succeed for long. And when their hold slips, their whole system will come crumbling down. For the Awakening masses will increase a thousand-fold as they do.

We must be prepared to build a new earth when it does. That means considering all the myriad issues we’ll face along the way.

While I’ll get into some of those in days to come, what I most want to do is impart my view of it all — and that is that humanity is at a cross-roads. We collectively must choose what we want for ourselves as a species, where we go from here, and how we’ll get there.

But the old ways of conflicts fueled by contests of will and desire must end. Otherwise, we’ll be carrying the seeds of our existing problems into the Golden Age we want to create, and continue fighting among ourselves for whatever crumbs the elites allow us to have.

And that will require us to change ourselves fundamentally at our core. Human consciousness must evolve, as it will it we open up to and ride the wave of changes to come. If not, we’ll go down with the ship, anchored by beliefs and perspectives that keep us separate and apart and fail to uplift the vibrations of any except a chosen few.

Where we’re headed

The energies are so great and the prophesies so right on that I don’t see any way it can fail, at least, if we each make the choice of what’s in our hearts, guided by the whispers within. But when those hearts are clouded by filters that reinforce the illusions of separation we need to release and the conflicts that inevitably result, that choice may be a long time coming.

I don’t think so. I have great faith that humans, when push comes to shove (and some people are shoving really hard right now), they will turn away from the noise and chaos toward more love and compassion in search of better ways we can all live together in peace.

Our first step is to keep ourselves up, to avoid negativity and increase our vibrations however we can. Not just to make us happy, or to grow closer to our Creator. But also to lift up the collective consciousness to which we contribute our creative energies.

When enough of us do, this and this alone, will make the darkness unable to maintain its grip on power, and it will slip silently into the distant past as we move deeper into our 5D frequencies and the lives and world that reflect them.

So when the darkness brings you down, raise your vision to the future you want to see. Make it a bright one, one worthy of all your hopes and dreams.

Thanks for joining me today. God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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