End Inner Conflict and Resolve the Battles within You

There’s so much conflict in this life. Conflicts with others. Conflicts with our lives. But the most insidious is the inner conflict within us that never allow us any peace. If you want any hope of coming out the other side of these dark times into a better tomorrow, perhaps it might be a good idea to first resolve the battles within you.

What sort of battles might those be? Only you can know for sure, but I suspect one involves that part of you that says DO SOMETHING TO FIND A WAY to create your desires and avoid the unpleasant possibilities that trigger your fears for the future.

Why would this be a battle, you might ask? Because if you really know yourself, you also know there’s a part of you that says things are as they are for a reason, and you’ve got to make peace with your reality and with your life.

So you are always in this state of dynamic tension, ever-changing but always demanding your attention and effort into trying to reconcile the two in any particular moment to have a life in which you can be happy and at peace.

It’s a hard place to be, always wanting more and feeling guilty that what you are and have are not enough.

Sure, the urge to be, do or have more helps you get the things you want and live the life you want to live. But are those things that your soul wants? If they are, why has it created situation after situation where you don’t have them?

I can’t answer for you. No one can. I can only ask the question.

If you aren’t fulfilled and content with the life you have, when will you be? What will it take?

Perhaps that will give you some food for thought and inspire you to “do” something about it. Or not.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

John Dennison
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