Moving from Lack and Limitation to a Life of Abundance

How can we build a better world if we can’t pay our bills today? For too many of us, life doesn’t bring us all the money that we need for the lives we’re living now, much less the ones we wish they were. Lack and limitation are our constant companions; abundance is a welcome friend they drive away.

It’s bad enough to scrimp to pay for basics like food, shelter, utilities, transportation and such. For lack inevitably seeps in and leaves us feeling choked when there’s not enough coming in to provide for all those needs and more.

It’s even worse when their costs are going through the roof and we’re faced with the distinct possibility that the shortfall will get even worse, forcing us to scramble just to survive. And that’s without ever facing that sinking feeling in our stomachs that despite all our efforts, we might not be enough to meet the needs of our own lives, much less be of service to anyone else.

We struggle in our present, and fear for our future.

That’s not exactly the way I picture life in a 5D world. Rather, we want to feel prosperous, to know that our efforts and contributions to the world are acknowledged and rewarded. Not just in the good deeds we do or the way they make us feel, but in monetary terms as well, sufficient to have more than enough (my definition of abundance) — at least, so long as the world we create continues to revolve around this concept of money.

I could go into a long dissertation why and how we might move off a money standard as a basis for our barter, but frankly I don’t have the answers. For my role has evolved into one of raising consciousness and bringing more choice to our affairs, not providing the answers or efforts to bring such ideas into reality.

Instead, that will be one of the questions ahead for mankind to answer. If the doomsayers of our financial system are right, that time is right around the corner. But since we want to stay in the now as much as we can, we’ll cross that bridge collectively when we come to it.

Why do we lack?

So how will we extricate ourselves from our respective situations of lack, with all the emotional, mental and material baggage they bring up along the way?

Well, first things first. As awakening sentient beings it is important to acknowledge that we created this situation to experience both it and ourselves within it. However it manifests and however we see it for ourselves, we are responsible how we meet the challenges it brings. We can’t run and hide from it, as much as we’d like to at times.

We have to face the problem head-on as well as the fear and other inner responses it triggers. Experiencing them fully is why it’s happening, to know the feeling of not being enough. What greater gift could an aspect of an omnipotent source give to itself?

But we’re also responsible to know that wallowing in our misery is only a last resort, that it was created for us to use every last effort to deal with it as best we can, trusting that whatever choices we make and actions we take are also part of our plan to create the future we need.

If our actions are not enough to change the status quo, then that future won’t look the way we want — and in all probability will bring us more of the same. Which means that, on a spiritual level, we haven’t yet had enough struggle or suffering or of beating ourselves up or being depressed or whatever else our lack brings.

Yet somehow within the lack of our present we must find a way to live, act, think and feel about ourselves and our lives like we would if we were already living our dream.

This is extremely hard for most of us, and our inability to do it is not by any stretch of the imagination a failure on our part. Instead, it is a reflection of an innate desire of our soul to keep us where we are to get the experiences it came for. Besides such parts of life can bring us down, making it even harder to pull ourselves up.

This doesn’t mean we should just sit back and take it. I’m not built like that, and I don’t think you are, either. I’m more inclined to be proactive, to do what I can and let God do the rest — if it is His Will. Knowing the difference is key.

So we push ourselves to change our outer circumstances, busting our butts in the process, too often without success. But since our lives are functions of our inner reality and the desires of the soul, that’s probably the first place we should start looking for answers and a way out of the mess we think we’re in.

So before we take any action to change ourselves or change our lives, perhaps it would behoove us to sit quietly and reflect on what we’re getting and what our souls intend to take from it.

Whispers in the Silence

This brings us back to listening to your inner voice and connecting with your source. It may not tell you what you want to hear, but it’s the only way you’ll find the path carved for you.

So sit in the silence. Immerse yourself in your thoughts and feelings. Observe your body’s reactions to all the ideas that pass through your mind. Vibrations and sensations in your body will tell you a lot, too, and lead you to learn even more.

But even all that may not be enough.

In the end, we’re only going to be able to change our status quo by not needing it any more, and that means trading in the lower vibrations of struggle and hardship and our attendant thoughts and feelings about it and us for higher ones that see a divine order in all things, even our struggles. And that means being at peace with your life, content however it is, learning to accept your life the way it is and allowing it to play out the way that it will, with you as an active participant each step of the way.

How you take those steps will be guided by your soul, or if you can’t hear it, by just winging it and doing the best you can. But never give up your dream of a better tomorrow, or your effort to see aspects of it in you and your very life right now, the way things are today. In so doing, you’ll keep your frequency tuned in a way that will help attract more of what you want.

This isn’t something you can do once and forget. Nor is it some mantra to do when meditating, and then go back to the real world of not enough.

You’ll have to eat, sleep and live it in every moment AS IF YOU ALREADY HAD IT. And trust that as the next moment unfolds, it will lead you to a new step on your journey to make it manifest in your reality.

I know it’s not easy. I know it may not work for everyone, for a lot of it depends on the path carved for you. Only your soul knows that for sure, and until you’re whole, you’re going to go through a lot of trial and error along the way.

Much will have to change in our world to get there. And as you’re inspired or urged from within, you’ll step forward to do your part to make that happen.

In the meantime, we’ve made our beds and have to lie in them for now. But we can dream, and dreams can become our reality. Never give up your dream.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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