How to Manifest a Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity

I’m selfish. I want to manifest a Golden Age of peace and prosperity — not just for me, but for you and anyone else who chooses to move beyond the darkness gripping our world.

I guess that’s not really selfish per se. Rather, it’s more a desire for service-to-others that serves me as well. Achieving this balance is, almost by definition, the goal for living in a 5D world, where all the principles and practices you’ve been learning will be put to work.

The question is, how do we get there?

Perhaps a good place to start is by understanding this Matrix, its purpose and how it is manifested for us to experience in our lives. It is a complex yet simple system of energy applied to create a medium by which to experience and grow ourselves. Let’s see if I can make the long story short and clear enough for you to follow along.

Metaphysics and Manifestation

You know me. I can’t dive into a discussion of how to change our lives and world without explaining what’s going on beneath the surface.

In a very “real” sense, we are ideas of our Creator, points of light within a greater Light — aspects of consciousness imprinted with the divine hologram, expressed through personalities with which we interact with “reality.”

Think of this reality like the movie Avatar, where your consciousness (at least, that portion of it assigned to experience this holographic universe) is projected into an avatar that is your physical body within the Matrix.

Here within the Matrix everything manifests through materiality, creating matter and situations that are themselves compressed fields within fields of energy stepped down in frequency from the Light by which it flows. This manifest denseness we know as the 3D world in which we find ourselves.

Now, your consciousness within the avatar is unaware of anything outside the Matrix, though it is vaguely aware there is more to itself and its reality than it knows. But until it gets to a certain point of experience within the Matrix, its attention is firmly fixed upon the hologram around it. Life is just too demanding of our attention to leave open the possibility of an existence outside it which might pull that attention out of the Matrix.

Attention is important. It is the method by which you (and all of us) create and exist within the Matrix.

Some background will make this clearer.

In tai chi there is a concept that the mind leads the qi (pronounced “chi”). Energy (qi) flows to wherever the mind focuses its attention. In tai chi it is used for health (to facilitate the flow of energy within the physical vehicle of your avatar/body), as well as for attack and defense. The idea is that by focusing one’s attention upon the point of contact or impact, the qi will flow to that point to allow one to control or project energy into the opponent, as desired.

It’s the same principle in manifesting reality. Quantum physics tells us that reality exists only when we look at it. Until then, it is simply potential energy waiting to be put to use. In short, the device you’re reading this on does not exist unless and until you look at it (though by agreement under the rules by which the Matrix operates, this “existence” within the hologram is shared for others to experience as well).

So by your consciousness (at least, some level of your consciousness outside the Matrix — think of that as your higher self or soul) you project yourself into your avatar to experience 3D reality. It is by the focus of attention of that higher self that you exist within this world at all. When it pulls the attention out of the Matrix, you as you know yourself to be in this body and life will cease to exist within it. It’s like when Neo and friends leave the Matrix through the phone lines and find themselves back in their physical bodies in the mother ship.

Now, whether there is a “body” your higher consciousness resides in outside the Matrix remains to be seen. My own view it is a crystalline-based, rainbow-colored energetic “vehicle” by which we navigate 5D and higher realities, each being holograms of various densities within the greater hologram of all creation.

Phew. That was a mouthful. It’s probably as clear as mud.

Back to reality. Your higher consciousness projects its energy and consciousness into your avatar, as well as to create the reality it wants you to experience while here. And you, the “self” you know that exists in this world, sets off to gather those experiences and interact with the “others” within the Matrix through the various situations that unfold in your life.

Projecting your reality

Your avatar (you in your body) not only exists within the holographic reality; it “sees” and experiences the world around it that its attention is focused upon — sort of like a character in a first-person shooter game. As you turn each corner, a new part of reality takes shape. And as you leave it behind, only its shadow imprint remains within the world. Think of it like energetic footprints that you leave behind.

When you get to a certain point in your development, you may begin to sense that it’s similar to being in a movie theater with the projector (your inner, higher self) behind you, and the life/world you experience is that movie playing out on a three-dimensional screen of which your avatar is a part.

Still with me? I hope so.

Getting back to qi following the mind. Your attention allows the energy to flow into and manifest your reality to experience. Most of the time you (as do we all) get so caught up in the “game” of the Matrix that we never know about the projector, much less the intention behind what it is projecting for us to live through.

Understand, though, that this energy is not only focused by the intention of your higher self. It is also shaped by the consciousness of your avatar (or lower) self which experiences the 3D world.

Most of the time our focus is upon the problematic situations before us. After all, these are the things that our higher self projected itself here to get, through which it grows in knowing about itself and its capabilities.

Like they say about the squeaky wheel getting the grease, so does your reality demand your attention upon these problems to challenge you to move through them and become more. As you focus upon them, they evolve in complexity and impact upon you.

Now, let’s translate that into real terms of what’s going on in the news. We’re seeing a war for the future of humanity where many forces, both of good and evil intent, are vying to set the course of things to come to benefit them.

One of the weapons of that war is information, distortions of the truth that are fed to you to elicit a response (often one of fear and anxiety) and direct your attention to create their desired reality. They need YOU to make it manifest because it will be your reality, too. When you put your attention on their power games, you inadvertently add fuel to the fire so they can build it higher.

Sure, some of us feel the impulse to jump into the fray and participate in that battle. But that only perpetuates the conflict and sets the stage for a reality that has to somehow accommodate the intentions of the aggressors on all sides, and set in motion the experiences and karmic echoes that will flow from it.

What I want, and what I hope you want, is that Golden Age of peace and prosperity, not a war for the survival of mankind. If so, then our attention must be carefully wielded to focus upon our desired creation (peace and prosperity), and not all the struggle, conflict and drama that we’re seeing now and the attendant risks of it evolving into something far worse .

For qi to manifest what we want, we must learn new ways of interacting with our existing reality, even while trying to transform it into the one we want. This is why I speak so often on living in the gap between the life you have and the one you want. The bulk of your attention must focus on what you have created for yourself to get the experiences you’re creating it for, and allowing it to play out as it will. But part of your attention must also focus on your desire for something better, and aligning your thoughts, emotions and actions to get there.

If you want peace, it cannot be a wish for peace in the future. No, it must be an ardent desire to have peace in your time now. For to manifest requires aligning your frequencies and attention with your desire, which can only be done now. And that means living as if you are at peace right now.

It’s the same thing with prosperity and abundance. Even as the world threatens your income and possibly your very survival, the seed of your desire for that Golden Age must take root and begin to grow. And you somehow have to act like it’s already here, despite being enmeshed in all the darkness that is being brought down upon your head.

Simple, right? Perhaps for a 5D being, but not for one still locked in the 3D Matrix. It requires a level of skill and consciousness like that the masters of old have passed on for centuries. Their path was a lot easier, though, because they separated themselves from the affairs of the outer world in monasteries, temples and caves in order to perfect their craft. You’ve got to do it from your home or wherever you are now, with live shells flying all around ready to blow up your life if you let them.

There are a lot of other principles and practices to learn along the way, but the most important one is what I’ve set out here — expanding your own consciousness to see and interact with your reality in a different way.

It doesn’t require any woo woo spiritual beliefs or mystical practices. All it needs is your awareness and the intention to guide it as necessary to accomplish the task of fully living the life you have, while building the one you want.

Maybe you’ll get there. Maybe you won’t. But you never will unless you open your eyes to that which was once unseen and get to work trying to move through it in a better way — a way that’s carved just for you, by you.

That’s where your inner voice comes in, and why free will matters so much on your journey. But that’s another story for another day. For now, put your nose to the grindstone and deal with what you’ve got, but never give up hope or trying that one day you’ll get what you want. Don’t forget, though, to live now like you already have.

Godspeed, and God bless you indeed.

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