Love, Abortion and the Election Results

Here’s today’s thread I was inspired to share on Twitter today. It’s on love, abortion and the election results. Read it here.

Election results say educated single women voted heavily Democrat, with #abortion a major issue. 

It’s understandable single women support those who support abortion. People tend to vote their self-interest, and single women have to fend for themselves and put careers first, so pregnancy gets in way. 

But abortion is itself just a symptom of a greater issue, which is how we see ourselves and our relationships with others, including God (for those who believe). It’s hard to love others when we struggle to love ourselves, and modern society makes it hard to do either one. 

Instead, forces foment division within society (to better manipulate and control us?), instilling conflict at every level of our beliefs and the ways we live. 

This is the time of the great awakening and end of the piscean era and Kali yuga. The light is shining to let us see the distortions in us and society that need to be healed if we are to move into a 5D tomorrow. It expands consciousness and gives us choice to love a little more. 

But people only see what they want and are ready to see, and the illumination is only exacerbating the conflicts for now. All sides need to learn theirs will never win and must find ways to heal so they can move forward together. 

Light unlocks love, but only the conscious exercise of free will can put it to work to change others and us. 

The taking of an unborn life through abortion is an effort to love oneself, and probably takes a tremendous toll on those who choose it, as it does on society as well. The solution is not to deny love or free will, but to expand it to find a better way to live our lives. 

The election battle lines only further our divisions and renew our determination to deny love to others who see things another way and want something different than we do. Oneness is the goal. Love is the only way to get there. 

If you’re tired of the fighting and truly want a tomorrow of peace, love and joy, then maybe you’ll want to start by finding and bringing a little more of it today into your relations with those who want something different than you do and are”on the other side.” 

For when you lift up your vision and see the Oneness at your core, you’ll realize there is no “other side,” and that we’re all in this together to show each other the way.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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