Just Nod If You Can Hear Me – Don’t Tune Out Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Do you ever feel like you’re talking to a wall? I sure do, and it’s been a strange experience for a guy whose life was built around communicating and applying information.

For a long time that communication involved legal matters, and frankly those discussions fell on the deaf ears of judges, lawyers and clients alike whose mindsets, interests and perspectives too often kept them from seeing things another way.

It’s been much the same encouraging people to awaken to other possibilities and step outside their carefully crafted lives to answer the whispers of their souls through service of a higher calling.

Most couldn’t hear it, and many of the rest didn’t want to. For whatever reason, it wasn’t for them.

That’s okay. Free will matters, and they used theirs to tune out not only me, but the indwelling spirit that called them to become more and show it to the world.

We all get stuck in our ways, and once we do, it’s hard to change them.

Like Isaac Newton said, inertia is a powerful force, and that motion continues until acted upon by an outside force.

Well, that force is upon us. It’s the darkness spreading across the land and threatening the very foundations of our existence, and maybe even life itself.

You see it. You feel it. It’s striking fear in your heart. But is it enough to get you to see things differently and try another way?

If not, don’t feel badly. The rest of humanity is in the same boat, one that is being swept along by the currents of a world racing headlong toward its own destruction.

Unless it changes, unless WE change, that boat is certainly going over the edge and crashing upon the rocks below.

I’ve done my best to point out the causes and what we can do. But we’re still merrily floating along with the rushing current, unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

And me? I turned my life upside down to sound the alarm. I’m still trying today.

But like the wall I’ve been talking to, it’s fallen on deaf ears.

I guess we’re all going to get what’s coming to us, one way or another. Enjoy the ride.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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