Travel the Spiritual Path and Go the Inner Way

Context provides meaning. Meaning shapes experience. Experience allows us to see and address inner conditions that not only make life less than we want it to be, but also erect obstacles inside we must overcome if we’re to get where we’re trying to go.

Where? Home to the source from which we came, traveling a path of spiritual development through experience to realize the Oneness of All That Is and that we are at our core.

And thus the context for our lives becomes clear — to know ourselves in all our aspects, and use what we find to become more.

This all happens under the guidance of your inner voice. Without it, you’ll just bump up against every new catalyst like you were stumbling around in the dark, not knowing what to do or how to approach it.

It takes a special person to walk this path, for it comes with many challenges. Not the least of those is doing God’s will when it seems to conflict with what you want for yourself. In a sense, it is a dance we’re being taught to partner with God in our outer lives for accelerated growth in our inner ones.

Still, the choice to follow it is an illusory one. Spirit has ways of getting your attention.

If you try to ignore its efforts to get you into its flow, it will make your life miserable. From discontent to dissatisfaction to despair, you will spiral into the pit if you refuse to answer when it calls.

Read the signs. Listen to the whispers. Know what’s coming is what’s meant to be.

Don’t fight it. Relax into it and know that all is well. It’s why you’re here, to make this journey. So do it in style.

God bless you indeed. Go it with love.

John Dennison
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