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Face Your Fear if You Want Our World to Ascend into the 5th Dimension

You want to ascend, and you will when it’s your time. But it’s even more important for our world to ascend out of the darkness that grips the land. For that to happen, you’ll have to face your fear.

Certainly you’re concerned with the ascension of yourself and those you love. It’s only natural to want to escape this madness into a world of peace and plenty. But if you’re truly in service-to-self, your focus upon your own needs and desires will become moderated by, if not actually take a back seat, to the needs of others and the whole.

These are the End Times for mankind, marking a period of great transition from struggle and conflict into new ways of living together and conducting our affairs.

Mass ascension — the expansion of consciousness into higher vibrations and new levels of awareness and possibility — can only happen when the collective consciousness of humanity reaches a tipping point of positivity.

In a sense, that positivity will be reflected by love and compassion given to each other in greater abundance, in turn setting in motion our receipt of more as the universe mirrors back to us what we send out into the world.

But at the moment, the higher vibrations of positivity are hard to find. Tales of war, pestilence, death and conflict fill our minds as the media feeds us story after story to keep us in line and recruit us to take sides in their battle for the future.

These in turn strike chords deep within our psyches, triggering fears we won’t survive the storms — not coincidentally making us easier to manipulate and control by the powers that be.

The anchor of 3D reality holds us back.

It is their hold over our common affairs that must be broken. For so long as we consume their toxic diet of negatively-charged information, the resulting emotional energies that we release into the world will continue to feed into a mass consciousness that locks in place the status quo of violence, struggle and conflict.

You are an awakening soul. That is, your soul has chosen this time to evolve into new levels of its being, and for you to express them through your life and outer affairs.

As an awakening soul, you are now seeing much of what has remained hidden from view for millennia. The doors have been thrown open and the ongoing harm, corruption and perversion are there to witness in plain view, daring you to face them and do anything about it.

Perhaps you don’t yet realize it yet, but your greatest contribution to the world is not your good works or the love and light you share. Instead, it is the energetic frequency at which you vibrate that contributes to the energies of humanity as a whole.

As your vibrations increase, so does your ability to add your creative energies to uplift others as inspired from within, as well as to add to the beauty and harmony of the world around you. Expressions of music, art and literary works are obvious examples. But so are loving and caring for those in your life and sphere of influence, sharing a smile or extending a hand to someone in need.

Those are hard things to do when you’re trapped in your own lower vibrations. Depression and despair make it hard to help yourself, much less have anything left to give to anyone else.

So the affairs of our world, broadcast into your home and imprinted into your mind, are being used to keep you in this 3D merry-go-round by lowering your mental and emotional vibrations. And when they get low enough, you become an energetic vampire that sucks the positivity out of whatever room you’re in, taking others down with you.

In a sense, it may be necessary to divorce yourself from those who are caught up in such energies. Misery loves company, and it does little to expand yourself by wallowing in the mire. It does even less for the energies that comprise the collective consciousness.

Your fear is one of the mechanisms by which you are anchored into those vibrations. Maybe for a while you can turn away from the horrors and get a temporary respite to center yourself and carry on as best you can.

But eventually, those fears are going to catch up to you, and drag you down into the darkness. Worse, your fears are going to be used to drag down the collective consciousness as well, serving as an energetic anchor to all the good works of other lightworkers and awakening souls who are trying to make a difference.

Are you really ready to ascend?

If you’re serious about ascending — not just your own but also the collective ascension of humanity — you have to face those fears and find a way to dissipate the energetic bonds that hold them in place. What kind of bonds? Beliefs. Perspectives. Memories of bad experiences or harms to you or others. Emotional scars. And many, many more.

Not all of those will be at work behind the scenes to trigger any particular fear. That’s why it’s so important to “do the work,” by going into the shadows of your mind and rooting out all that is at work within you.

In short, you have to know yourself and why you are the way you are, and what makes you that way. Only then will you know how it serves you and why. For until you get the benefit of the experience your life is bringing you, it will keep repeating itself over and over again until you do.

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, that doesn’t mean running away from your fears. They’ll just come back to haunt you again and again in the future.

You’ve got to face your fears, and do what you can to not only address the situations in your outer world that trigger them, but also in your inner one where you create and process your life.

I talk a lot about traveling the spiritual path, the process of raising your vibrations by addressing the conditions within you that keep you locked into the way things are. Facing each fear in turn is a big step for an awakening soul, because it reflects a seriousness to approach that journey along the path of experience with responsibility to become more so that you can meet each moment in a better way.

If you want our world to ascend, you’ve got to do your part. You’ve got to raise your vibrations consciously by choosing how you think, feel and act in your outer reality, so that you contribute to the collective consciousness only that which will raise the level of the whole.

The future of humanity rests with you. Only by expanding your consciousness and facing your fears can you do your part.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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