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It sure looks like our world is on fire. Under the guidance of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, governments around the world are turning their backs on citizens and enacting totalitarian policies that serve the elites far more than they do the people.

As a result, people are fighting back. Many are stepping forward in alternative media to share information hidden or distorted by the mainstream shills who’ve sold out to government propaganda and control efforts, and the powerful elites who pull their strings.

We see the efforts of a devoted corp to uncover and curb election abuse, as well as others standing up against a gene therapy thrust upon the populace through mandates, resulting in many injuries and deaths. And there are groups of concerned parents speaking up to school boards to question policies and resources that engender racial hatred and racism, and thrust upon kids lifestyles and values their parents don’t share.

It is even reported that there is a large group of “whitehats” working behind the scenes to undercut the abuse while encouraging people to stand for their rights and lifestyles in the face of such onslaught. Whether they are or are not I do not know, but it is a nice thought that at least SOMEBODY is standing up for us in the world.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you everything is hunky dory, but it is great to see so many rising to the challenge, not only in resisting the efforts to impose a one world government, but also in the awakening of consciousness to new possibilities for our lives in this world and spiritual journeys to ascension and beyond.

Most are still watching from the sidelines, though, and it is to them I speak today. For they are slowly distancing themselves from the influence of the status quo as they realize there is far more to their world, their lives, and themselves, than what meets the eye.

Now it is time to ask yourself whether you have something to add, and for which side? Are you inclined to perpetuate this status quo of wealth, power and abuse, perhaps seeking power for your own purposes or those you support? Or are you inspired to want more than what we’re getting, and ready, willing and able to answer the call?

If you’re here reading this, I think I know your answer. Maybe you’re not at the point of jumping into the fray, but you’ve picked a side — and that side is that of free will and the consciousness needed to wield it effectively for greater peace, prosperity, truth freedom and good will for all.

And that’s good, because there’s far more to contribute than fighting the good fight, as valuable as that may be for the good of mankind. For there’s much to be done to get where we want to go.

I won’t add fuel to the fire by encouraging you to take up the gauntlet and join the fight. For in truth, that fight will not be won through war and destruction, but by peace and love and the lifting up of the vibrations of the collective consciousness, only through which can humanity ascend en masse — at least, those who have chosen such a path, either consciously or unconsciously.

Instead, let’s turn our attention away from the conflict and begin looking beyond the struggle and strife to how we’re going to build a new earth.

Note I use the term New Earth to distinguish it from the monstrosity that is the New World Order of Schwab, Gates and company.

What’s the Vision?

To be honest with you, I’m leaving most of that up to you. I’m just here to help you find and manifest yours, trusting that when done guided by your inner voice and free of the distortions of ego that it will be a key piece of the puzzle.

My own concerns are for the expansion of consciousness exercised by free will, and through it to usher in a new age of peace upon the earth as we work more closely together toward Oneness as man and spirit join together in search of greater truths and awareness.

But now is no time for spiritual teaching. We have a New Earth to build, and we have to rise to the challenge as our existing order crumbles.

It is important for you to spend time in the silence to contemplate your own vision, whether just for you or for all. It will help to guide your efforts in the days to come.

Listen for your inner voice, and let it help you know yourself. Find your deepest desires and passions, as well as where those are distorted by scars, biases or other inner conditions. Clear them as best you can, and allow those you cannot, loving yourself as you are as you work to become whole.

That voice will guide you to the life you need to live, and anything you have to do. Don’t force it. Instead, practice the old Taoist teaching of going with the flow.

At some point you will need to give up what you want and surrender your will to that of the master within. But until then, be what and as you are, trusting it serves a purpose to get you home.

Along the way, try to raise your vision beyond the conflict in our world. Look to the New Earth you crave, and do what you can today and every day to live as if it were here, and where it’s not, to bring it into fruition.

Wheel of Co-Creation

Way back in the dark ages after 911 (they’re even darker now), when I started calling servers to awaken and add their contributions, I gave much thought to what the world to come should look like and how we could get there.

It lead me to blog extensively at PeaceOptions on what I saw. I’ll be sharing much of that over the weeks and months ahead, not to force it upon you but to inspire your own ideas and efforts to come.

Some of my mental meanderings involved focusing our efforts in several key areas in order to be ready for what is happening now, while also laying a foundation of cooperative effort as we consciously co create the New Earth.

The time has come for us to discuss these ideas in more detail.

I saw the need to organize ourselves into various working groups, each focusing on key areas of society. And that those groups would come together through various counsels to coordinate — not impose their own ideas — efforts between the focus groups.

Funny thing, not more than a couple years after I did, I ran across the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard. She apparently had also tuned into the same message, and brought it forth through her Wheel of Co-Creation. The groupings vary a little from what I saw, but the differences were immaterial to the greater effort.

So with great joy and full credit to Barbara Marx Hubbard, now deceased, I present to you the Wheel of Co-Creation.

Study it. Try it on for size. See how you resonate with each of the areas, and what you might have to contribute to any or all of them.

We’ll be spending time ahead going through each in detail, but for now it’s meant as food for thought.

Remember, the world you change will be your own.

God bless you indeed. I am John.

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