Building a Better Tomorrow

I’m getting tired of hearing all the bad news coming from media, especially those pushing propaganda and facilitating the shenanigans of those who supposedly serve us. We’re not going to let them off the hook, but for today let’s shift our focus to building a better tomorrow.

But before we do, let’s talk about building a better you and learning an easier way to deal with the difficulties of living in these tumultuous times.

As usual, please take or reject any or all of what I say as you wish — for it is never my wish to impinge upon your free will.

You probably have already heard about raising your vibrations by minimizing negative thoughts and emotions and trying to stay in peace, love and abundance (the last of which is particularly hard given the impact of awakening on life and career choices, not to mention the state of our world).

The next step is finding your inner compass to navigate the darkness by connecting to source . That’s where intuition and your inner voice will be helpful. But those are best heard and used when the ego “gets out of the way” (becomes silent and nonreactive, removes its filters, and thinks of God’s will or others first). Some tools for that are meditation, love, forgiveness and light, among others.

Most importantly, though, is tuning out of the energies of conflict and tuning into peace.

If you want a world of peace, then first find peace in you and create it in your life. Conduct your affairs with peace as your highest priority, and return to a state of balance (being centered) as quickly as you can if you should be drawn out of it. Look for any relevant lessons, learn them, and then let the mental and emotional upsets fade into the past.

As they do, try to feel and merge into the flow of your life. Don’t fight it. Don’t even try to change it, unless guided from within. Go with the flow, always staying in peace and joy. And when that is where you set your intent, that’s where the flow will take you.

Once you’re in the flow, consider where that inner voice is directing your attention, your focus, and your desire. Where is it leading you? What are the experiences it’s bringing you?

Perhaps it will inspire you to write a book or create a work of art. Maybe it will be to serve others. Or just maybe it will call you to take care of yourself or loved ones.

Wherever it leads, go with the flow. Let it guide you how to apply your creative energies, not only to benefit your life, but also to contribute to the collective consciousness (and unconsciousness) that creates this reality.

Above all, don’t let the troubles of a changing world drag you down. Stay above the fray and focus on the world and life you want. Dream big. Don’t cut your imagination short.

It’s the first step to making it real. So let’s get started.

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