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Awakening to #Oneness in a World of Conflict

It’s hard to be a seeker of Source in a world where separation and conflict rule the day. It’s even harder to realize we’re all on a journey to Oneness, and that the troubling events of our times are happening to help us make it.

The powers that be, and indeed most of those that want to be, have set their intentions to bend us to their wills and usher in a new age of domination and control of all aspects of our lives. Their policies and programs advance their vision of a one-world government and socialist utopia where a privileged elite will get the spoils while the masses lose any semblance of free will or individuality that might interfere with the control narrative.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen abuse after abuse heaped upon us as they tighten the noose around our necks. And now a conflux of synchronistic events is unfolding that challenges the imagination to see them as anything other than intentional, including:

  • destruction of our food supply and means of production;
  • chemtrails poisoning our atmosphere and dimming the sun;
  • geoengineering of weather to disrupt rainfall and create water shortages;
  • crumbling of our power grids and the inability to generate more while they force the transition to “clean technologies” that leave a carbon footprint as big as do oil and gas;
  • interruption of supply lines;
  • attacks on, silencing, oppression and criminalization of citizens who dare to oppose their agendas;
  • violence in our streets encouraged by those who supposedly serve to stop it;
  • open borders to people from other lands who don’t share our ethics, culture or intentions;
  • surveillance of our every move;
  • control of our homes, cars and all aspects of our lives through centralized, “smart” technology;
  • corruption and wrongdoing at the highest levels of government worldwide that erodes our commitment to the standards, systems and institutions upon which our civilization has flourished;
  • and a whole lot more.

Many awakening souls are beginning to see behind the curtain of secrecy that has allowed these plans to unfold over the decades, forcing them to choose where they stand and what they’ll do to stem the tide, much less create lives that work for them and theirs.

But this level of awakening scratches the surface of what it’s all about, and the opportunities it presents for those whose awareness can glimpse the purpose for them being in this world in the first place, and using the experiences life brings to not only bring them better lives, but also take them closer to the destination they seek.

That destination is Oneness that comes with our return to Source, the One Infinite Creator from which all existence flows. Our lives are stops on that journey designed to help us balance our energies and evolve into more of what we are inside and can be in our world.

I know many religious teachings see things otherwise. But most are, to some extent, focused on the perfection of the personality and turning the individual away from worldly concerns toward those of spirit and the soul.

Whether this life is seen as “one and done,” or one of many efforts to gather the experiences needed to make our trip home, spiritual teachings hold out the hope that life goes on after our time here is done, and that there is great reward for our souls for living here in ways that will better take us there.

Oneness is the pot at the end of that rainbow. But the unity consciousness that comes with it is attained only when we can dissolve the illusions that keep us separate from each other, and indeed that Source to which we return.

For there is only One. Now and for eternity, all of existence is working to realize it, and then to bring the perspectives it brings into the experiences of incarnation (both physical and non-physical) to consciously advance that journey along the path.

Even when we don’t know it, or deny it even exists. For those, too, are hurdles to cross along the way.

Oops, there goes gravity.

With that background for perspective, let’s turn our attention to this crazy world again. It’s really doing its best to bring us down and keep us getting more of the same. Yet those whose awareness of the path and desire to become more must somehow deal with all the shit it serves up and keep going toward their destination.

So what are we getting? Conflict. Separation. Division. Lack. Limitation. Oppression. Forced compliance. Hardship and deprivation. The list goes on and on, and most of it is negative. It’s hard to find even a modicum of peace and joy, much less abundance, in the face of their onslaught.

They tweak our fears and dangle the promise of our desires if only we’ll go along to get along, knowing all the while that our interests are not what they serve.

But the awakening soul, whatever the level of its awareness, is growing tired of their games and is ready for more. It feels called to stand for itself and the freedom to live the life it came for, and to express its creative energies in whatever ways it deems best for its life as well as the world around it.

These awakening souls are being dragged — not just by the outer world but by their inner selves — into the midst of 3D conflict, even while they aspire to advance to 4th density consciousness and 5D modes of living within their chosen reality. And from there, to begin creating in reality the long-pent-up dreams they’ve carried inside.

It is a grand transition that humanity is undertaking to learn to live together and leave behind the ways of separation and conflict. Simultaneously we’re living both the End Times as well as the start of a Golden Age of peace and prosperity for all.

But there’s a LONG way to go.

How will we get there?

It means working our way toward better means of living together and conducting our affairs. What that looks like none of us know for sure, only that its vision lies deep inside and it’s banging on our inner doors to find its way into our reality.

While few of us will complete the journey home in this life (there are ways to “escape” the Matrix, known and taught by the masters of old in traditions like yoga, Buddhism and Taoism, and even sometimes through the salvation of Christianity), we can continue our efforts by working to bring those visions to life, and walking the talk of the principles and practices designed to take us there.

Cultivating a perspective seeing all life as One goes a long way to help. For it allows us to realize that all of what’s happening occurs for greater purpose beyond the interests and agendas of a privileged few.

Perhaps the greatest of those is to realize that we are on all sides of the conflicts of will and desire, and that choosing a side may feel good in the moment, but in the end does little to move us closer to our goal.

Instead, we must somehow stand for all that is good and right, to raise our vibrations so that we can continue to expand in both frequency and consciousness and grow closer to knowing the One. How that happens, and how those new attributes manifest, us up to us and the paths carved by our souls for the lives we’re living now.

All we can do is bring our best to the moment, and trust our inner voice will lead us home.

Godspeed, and God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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