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Avoiding an AI Apocalypse

The world is rushing headlong toward a destination no one knows for sure, but many sense bad times ahead. Whether that’s because of some developing sixth sense, or difficulty adjusting to the accelerating pace of change, this much is clear. Many struggle to cope with it all, much less find peace or joy along the way. The prospects of an AI Apocalypse cannot be ignored.

Artificial intelligence has crashed our unfolding dystopian party, offering power and promise that even science fiction writers couldn’t dream of just a few decades ago. Yet this promise is tempered by visions of a harsh reality that is far darker than its staunchist proponents would like to admit.

Technology is outstripping mankind’s ability to adapt. It’s not just changing our lives and lifestyles, but also our ability to relate to each other. Social media is a cess pool of conflict, giving voice to old wounds and biases long suppressed and hatreds unchecked by any sense of morality or inner restraint.

Superimpose upon this breakdown of society the perils of AI that seemingly get brushed aside in our rush to the future. For if done wrong, its ability to enslave or even destroy us will advance faster than we can evolve to meet the challenges that come with it.

Certainly there are voices in the industry speaking out to reign in AI’s negative potential. Anthropic, developer of the model known as Claude, are some such voices. But they are few and far between, and the race to be the first and the best of class is pushing responsibility aside in favor of profit, power, or whatever else can fill the bottomless pit of their desires — or ours.

Sure, AI may finally force us to come together to fight a common enemy. But whether we can do so in time to preserve our dreams for a better tomorrow remains to be seen.

For many years now I’ve called people to consciousness, both to accelerate their spiritual development as well as to address their baser aspects that cause them to act out in untold ways and do harm to each other. And though I speak of how AI can empower us in so many ways, I also hold high the light so we can try to avoid the pitfalls that can ensnare future generations.

The only way that I see through this minefield is by expanding our own personal capacity for good and setting aside our differences and baser instincts. For AI won’t make those go away. It will only amplify them exponentially and serve as a means to control or destroy us when we don’t march to whatever tune is played by the powers that be.

Ethics must be infused in AI and everything it touches. And if we can’t agree upon what those are or how to do it, we better steel ourselves to the fact that humanity’s desire for better may lead it to worse. History will not look kindly upon us if we don’t.

As we continue down this road of artificial intelligence and give birth to a race of machines more capable than we are, we must do so with eyes open and clear intent to be better people than we are now. Only then will there be any hope of a brighter future.

Your role in that future starts today. It bids you to become your best self, and bring others along with you. Not to turn away from AI through fear of those possibilities, but to guide it’s use and development as you would a child, in hopes it can become a valued contributing member of society.

The choice is yours. I pray you will find the wisdom and wherewithal to make it wisely.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

John Dennison
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