Are You Separating from Society?

We’re moving into the holiday season, so let me start by wishing you a Merry Christmas — or whatever you celebrate in this season of darkness. May you remember the light that gives life, and the love that shapes it into something worth living. Most of all, may you use them both to exercise your free will in a way that expands you and uplifts our world into greater expressions of what humanity can be.

With that out of the way, these sure are strange times. Victim-hood abounds, setting off new conflicts with virtually everyone, instead of healing old wounds and finding new ways to come together. Powers-that-be want even more control to watch and manipulate us and tell us what to do. War continues to be the go-to activity for world leaders who are bored with the status quo to wreak havoc and play their games of power.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shut them all up and make them go away? But they won’t, so many of us are. Separating from society, from past livelihoods, from families who haven’t found a way yet to get along despite their differences.

That’s really the problem as I see it — that too many people want their way, and don’t trust they’ll get it unless they fight to impose it on someone else, or to resist others’ efforts to bend them to their wills. Human nature being what it is, we want what we want and we all seem willing to fight with anyone and everyone — including ourselves — to get it.

When Enough is Enough

A lot of us are fed up with this approach to life. In fact, some of us are even dropping out as much as we can — to expand on Timothy Leary’s motto, “Turn on (your love light), tune in (to your inner voice), and drop out.”  

Separation seems to be the order of the day. More and more I see people who feel strongly that the world’s headed in the wrong direction, but are frankly fed up and worn out trying to fix it. They’ve learned they can’t even lead others to the water of life, much less make them drink from the fountain of life’s bounty. So they’ve given up, instead focusing on themselves and trying to get their own houses in order in case either the shit hits the fan or the Ascension actually turns out to be a “thing” that will somehow rescue them from this crazy world.

For the moment I’ll assume you’re part of this group.

The issue at hand is how do you build a life that serves you when the means of your survival still comes from that outer world out there that is going to hell in a handbag? After all, you don’t want anything to do with it anymore, at least until it starts to clean up its act. But as things look right now, that isn’t happening any time soon.

This is the big challenge for those who are awakening to the new ways, because they’re finding it hard to provide for themselves when their old businesses and careers no longer fit. So they set off in search of new ones, trying this or that in trial and error before realizing that no matter where they turn, they’re still faced with the same old issues of struggle and suffering and conflict and control.

To boot, now we’ve got issues of ET involvement in human affairs, not only in our skies, but also potentially influencing things behind the scenes while they collude with governments to keep us all in the dark. Some even suggest that humans were the result of ET genetic engineering to create a compliant group of slaves to plunder our planet for them If so, these star beings must not be very smart, because the people they created aren’t very conducive to taking orders or being herded anywhere, much less go in a single direction envisioned by the WEF, the UN, or any of their other so-called minion institutions that try to shape world affairs.

It’s not like we need their help putting each other down. We do a great job of that all by ourselves. So how are we going to move forward as a society with all this turmoil and conflict, regardless of who sits behind the wheel trying to steer it all?

Where There’s a Will . . .

No wonder you want to sit this one out. I do. I was once arrogant enough to think I could nudge things in another direction. Yeah, right. People would rather fight than switch, and my words pretty-much fell on deaf ears. Maybe they are now as well, but if so, that’s okay. Because I don’t want to change you. I don’t want to influence what you think or feel or do. I just want you to decide for yourself what you and your life are all about, and set your own course where to go from here.

Certainly I hope you’ve evolved enough not to try to make others go along. And that you’re strong enough to resist their best efforts to force you to submit to them as well. It’s hard to create a space to be yourself, so that’s what I wish for you for Christmas — the ability to free yourself from influence of others as well as life and social pressures. You may feel you have to fight to do this, and you just well might. But I hope you’ll eventually see that it’s easiest when you turn your back on their games and make another choice.

Until then you’re going to have to be nimble of thought and adaptable to new ways of creating and living the life you want — and ruthlessly withdrawing from the conflicts and people that would drag you back into their fires. It hasn’t served you the way you want anyway. After all, you want to escape it. So maybe 2024 is the year you’ll dedicate yourself to envisioning what your life would look like without all that unwanted interference, and start building a new foundation to support the one you want.

I don’t suggest you turn your back on loved ones who don’t want it your way. Love them as best you can, but don’t sell your soul — or your vision of something better — in the process. Give them the gift of the illusion of control, even as you turn around to go another way. They’re welcome to come along, so tell them about what you see and want for yourself and your world. Paint them a picture. Tell them how you have changed and what it’s brought you. And share how they might — if THEY choose — change themselves, their lives and their world as well, if they would just take a moment to see things another way.

Above all, be true to yourself. Don’t think there’s something wrong with you because you don’t fit in. Instead, honor your differences and know that as part of the vanguard of a new and better world, you’ve taken their slings and arrows to show them a better way. But they haven’t wanted to leave behind the old ways of conflict and control, and you don’t want to play that game any more. If they expect you to stand by and be their punching bags, they have another thing coming. Because you don’t want to take it any more, and won’t submit to abuse just because you don’t fit into their plans to deal with a crumbling reality they can’t control anyway.

Whatever is coming down the road, only one thing is for sure. It’s going to be a wild ride to something different than anything we’ve experienced before. So embrace your separation. It’s God’s way of preparing you to weather the storm, and to be a beacon of light to navigate the mess when it’s over.

God bless you indeed, my friend. Merry Christmas. Go with love.

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