Are You Changing in a Changing World?

This period we’re in now I call the Time of Changes, because the energetic bonds that held our status quo in place are loosening. Systems and institutions are losing their hold, and most importantly of all, we’re changing. Are you? Or have you even noticed?

It’s a strange time. Our attention is being focused outside ourselves — COVID vaccines, mandates and lockdowns, war in Ukraine, breakdown of the existing “world order” and potentially its financial system — that distract us from the really important stuff. Like what’s going on in our lives, and most importantly, in us.

It’s not enough that runaway government spending is unleashing a level of inflation not seen in 40+ years, nor that many people have lost their jobs or businesses or left the workplace and have to face the fear and uncertainty of not knowing how they’ll make ends meet. Rather, it’s compounded by a concerted effort to bring down the old and force us into a new way of living together that is rendering the world we once knew obsolete.

The net effect is to put us — we, the people — into a tizzy over the loss of the lives we’ve known and in fear for our futures. The emotional swings are immense, as are the pressures to find a way out of it and get back to the “normalcy” we once knew.

Unfortunately, that ain’t happening. Our old lives will probably never be back, and neither will the persons we knew ourselves as. We’re changing to adapt to the new energies and resulting circumstances, whether we want to or not.

Some approach these troubling times consciously and decide to pursue their own spiritual or personal development in one way or another. Others just let life do it to them, unconscious of the myriad changes in them that occur along the way while dealing with the difficulties being served up.

Either way, we aren’t the same, and it’s a disconcerting time. What once worked now doesn’t, as if God changed the locks to our inner nature and threw away the keys. So we’re left trying to figure out who we are and how to adapt and survive, much less thrive, in lives that are too often filled with lack, conflict, struggle and hardship.

Many aren’t doing so well. They’ve so internalized all the energies that they’re ready to explode, and often do to the smallest provocation. Triggers that were once deeply hidden are now plainly visible, and our buttons are pushed everywhere we turn. People seem to hate each other, and are showing it in their daily actions.

There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

That’s what this time of changes is about, forcing us to face the things in us that have made our world such a hard place to live in, particularly our focus upon our self vis-a-vis our relationships to others, God, and even ourselves. Some call this working with their shadow self to address the hidden conditions within us that make us less that we want to be.

It’s also bringing us face to face with others who are not on a path of becoming more loving and light-filled and intent on serving the needs of all. For many are still enamored with the “dark side,” manipulating and controlling others while getting for themselves. It is through this doorway of ego’s preoccupation with self-interest that evil enters into us and perverts our thinking and perspectives to pursue its excess — me, me, me over all else.

But most are not on such a path of darkness and service of self. Rather, they’re trying to figure out how to survive and prosper and still bring out their caring, concern and connection for others as well. And it’s a struggle for them to find a balance works, as well as a way to deal with those doing harm while going another way.

It is this inner struggle of seeing and dealing with ourselves and our lives that is bringing about these changes in us, and eventually will guide the transformation of our world once all the tumult dies down.

We don’t even have to do anything to get the benefit of these changing times. For most of these changes are triggered by the energies bombarding our world as our solar system enters the photon belt and our sun generates ever-more intense levels of light.

But adapting to these changes in ourselves can be hard, for our needs and desires change as we do. Sometimes they’re so great we don’t even recognize ourselves any more.

So try to be patient with yourself. Love a little more. Fight a little less. Understand that others are going through it, too, and we’re all trying to adapt the best we can.

Don’t feel like you have to save the world. Just try to go with the flow of your life as the old patterns give way to new ones that will hopefully serve you better, or lead you to catalytic situations that will ultimately bring about a better tomorrow.

It’s important to keep faith in that future, and know deep inside that somehow things will work out. Stay positive. Minimize negativity and conflict. Immerse yourself in peace as best you can, for only in peace can you ride the waves of these energies without being swept away.

You’ll get through this, but it will be a lot easier if you quit fighting to stay the way you were and embrace the journey to become what you need to be. It’s going to happen either way, but you’ll be a lot happier along the way if you do.

Above all, be gentle with yourself. You’ve come a long way and should be proud of all you’ve accomplished. Whatever else you do from here remains to be seen, but know that it is intended to serve you and help you evolve into a higher expression of what you can be.

If you need help, listen to the voice inside. It will guide you.

God bless you indeed. I am


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