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Apocalypse Report – Expand Your Perspective – Don’t Get Stuck on One Side

It’s hard to know which way to turn for news and perspective on the happenings in our nations and world these days.

On the one hand, mainstream media can always be counted on to push the party line for whatever powers that be within the societies they serve, usually serving the rich and powerful in the process. On the other, alternative media is quick to respond to whatever mainstream puts out, providing alternative theories and views that advance their own interests in the battle for public perception.

Information consumers, though, can be left in the dark trying to find a balance between the sides, much less explore perspectives not covered by either one. Moreover, they can get siloed into one side or another of these narrative wars as artificial intelligence feeds them ever more of what they tend to consume, in the process developing cognitive dissonance to such a degree that can’t even hear much less consider anything different if they were to stumble across it.

Worse, each side of these narrative wars (there are of course multiple degrees of variation within the sides) makes it harder and harder for any of us to interact with those who don’t subscribe to our side’s version of “the truth.” And so we develop these bunker mentalities that pit us against our fellow humans in a state of psychological warfare that exploits our differences and drives us farther and farther apart.

Intelligence communities and governmental “leaders” don’t make it any easier, each doing their best to advance whatever interest-or-agenda-of-the-moment they’re pushing to manipulate us to see what they want us to see and do what they want. And their influence, capture and control of the media on all sides makes it hard for even the most independent minds to know which way is up.

Confusion reigns. Control expands. Greed and power prevail. And their wars rage on, serving the players and their benefactors but leaving the people gripped in fear, anxiety and rage as they are pitted against everyone else in their own personal rushes to Armageddon — people who for the most part just want to live quiet, peaceful and happy lives and be set free from the strife they’re constantly dragged into.

It’s not really us against them.

Us and them is the order of the day. Yet for those of us who seek a Golden Age of peace and prosperity for all, there is no us. There is no them. There is only we, for when you get down to it, there is only One.

One in this sense is not just the essential unity of all creation in the One Infinite Creator of which we are all a part. Instead, here I mean One as a part of humanity and the essence of every person that inhabits this earth. Like President Kennedy said,

Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.

John R. Kennedy

But those who fight these narrative wars and the interests they advance tend to overlook it, almost denying the right to exist of anyone who doesn’t take their side. To them, there is no place for a common humanity, at least one that holds any other interest or view than they do. And so they rush headlong toward destruction of all who stand in their way.

In short, to many this is the Apocalypse, a time of revealing of a “truth” that has long been hidden, with the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in a messianic kingdom.

Yet who is good and who is evil depends on one’s frame of reference. For each side, and their sub-sides, paints everyone else as bad and needing to be beaten if not outright destroyed. There is no reconciliation, no availability of compromise, no middle ground to seek and work toward together. There is only victory, or defeat and destruction of all they hold dear and want for themselves and future generations.

When you read or hear the news or views of those on one side or another, know that you are being recruited into their armies, and manipulated to fight in the ultimate battle for life and death, good and evil, light and dark, or however they try to pain it.

If you take their bait, it will not end well. Trust me on this. The only ones who win are those who use the conflicts to build their wealth and power. You probably are not one of them.

I sincerely hope you will do your best to stay above the fray. Don’t add your energies to their battles. And if you must peer into the darkness, at least broaden your views and take in other sides, hopefully without judgment or expectation, so you can relate together when you do interact.

The world we’re trying to build is one of unity, built by love and light for the expansion of all, not at the expense of one side or another.

Only together can we build a better world without all their power games and conflicts. That means putting down our swords and turning them into plowshares, seeking ways to connect and love each other despite the differences that keep us apart.

Remember the hashtag #WWG1WGA. Where we go one, we go all. Hopefully that’s to the Golden Age, and not to some dystopic dream of a perverted few.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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