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Apocalypse Report Apr 7 2023 – Situation Update on the Culture War for Awakening Souls

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re awakening, perhaps to a whole bunch of things that escaped your awareness before. You probably even know that I normally touch on spiritual evolution, finding peace, and taking an inner approach to your affairs.

But sometimes you just have to deal with what is, namely the way things are. That’s why many of us awakening on the first place, to add your contributions to the cause of restoring the Plan on earth. And I don’t mean the one Q Anon talked about.

So today we’re going to focus more on some aspects of the ongoing war against humanity and human freedom. In particular, the culture war.

Forget the typical arguments if you will, and instead focus on their effect. They divide us and set us at odds. The powers that be have unleashed their identitarian hounds to wreak their havoc upon the west, and keep our eyes off of their corruption, election fraud and aggrandizement of wealth and power.

Every identify group has been painted the victim of oppression by some other group, in most cases white males. We’re a convenient group to pick on, since as a group we rose to the top and dominated commerce, politics and financial affairs for a long time.

I see the current culture wars as the revenge of the oppressed, or those who have been convinced they are or should feel like they are oppressed, who are being given voice and influence over the exercise of state power and the setting of cultural norms, narratives, language, acceptable history, and such.

This group is small, yet they have been afforded considerable visibility and influence over society, ushering in a policy of diversity and equity meant to right the perceived wrongs of the past by two-tiered justice, reverse discrimination and punitive treatment reigned down upon those they previously saw as their overlords.

These situations need to be addressed, and the energies locked within them released. Until then they are like festering wounds in the social conscience. Like boils they must be lanced and allowed to heal. But how best to do that is behind the culture war now being waged in our society.

Like everything, one must look behind the scenes to see who benefits. Certainly those in power do, particularly those rooting for the demise of representative democracy and the rise of an authoritarian state controlled by an elite few and their bureaucratic minions who keep the system’s wheels turning.

Will these conflicts lead to the destruction of nation states or common goals and values? Perhaps. Only time will tell.

But you, an awakening soul, have a job to do, a line to hold for the light and the upliftment of the collective consciousness that creates this reality.

What that role is remains to be seen. For most it is enough just to keep lifting our eyes and hearts to a better tomorrow, and holding the vibration of peace and love as much as possible. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats, and as we raise the energies we exude as we live our lives, the energy of the collective consciousness that creates this reality increases as well. And when it does, that makes it just a little harder for darkness and evil to do their dirty deeds.

Of course, some of you in service-to-others have a lot more on your plates. That just means you’ve got to work a little harder to stay positive and help others be as well, because you aren’t helping anyone if you’re bringing them down. But that’s what you do and I know you’ll succeed, even despite the toll it takes upon you.

Anyway, unless you’re called to participate, try not to let the culture wars derail your efforts. Remember, we’re building a better world for all, and those you now disagree with are going to be part of it.

The goals, after all, is wholeness. Of us. Of humanity. Of all creation. All spiraling upward and inward toward Creator. Moving into higher consciousness together will help us get there.

The way things are playing out now, however, it just doesn’t look it. We have to evolve, to be able to not only tolerate but maybe even embrace wills that differ from our own, as they must learn to tolerate and embrace ours. Right now those wills are locked in mortal combat, each thinking it’s doing what’s best for itself and the future of our world.

I pray all will survive and grow from the effort, and that each will do its part as guided from within, free of the distortions of ego that can twist it into something quite unrecognizable.

Thanks for reading.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

John Dennison
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