As you know, I’ve practiced the martial arts for a long time – since 1971, in fact. That led me to the study of energy and opened the door for my spiritual development, which led to my work with the inner voice.

One of the things I discussed in Whispers in the Silence was the cultivation of our inner soil so to speak, a process of purifying and aligning our energy bodies to facilitate the flow of light from and coordination with the soul.

One attribute of advancement in karate training is to pay it forward, sharing ones knowledge and ability with other students to help them develop their art. In so doing, it allows the instructor to develop new applications and knowledge of the techniques and principles involved. This has been invaluable to me over the years, because for a long while I had no dojo or teacher to train with, and only through teaching others (usually my sons) could I keep growing in this art I love.

This same love I’d like to share with you and anyone else who’s interested. Not just in karate or kung fu. Those I offer now at Goju at Home. Rather, I want to share what I know about cultivation in focused practices to develop your inner soil and awareness of how the energies work within you.

So coming soon I’m going to start hosting online cultivation practice, probably by video, where we can train together, and hopefully with any luck and persistence, become more.

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement if you’re interested in joining me. It will be free, but donations will be accepted. I hope you’ll check it out.

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