Author: John Dennison

Agorism, Volunteerism and #TheGreaterReset

Want a better world? Maybe the way isn’t to put your energy into a system that isn’t serving us very well. Instead, explore creating parallel networks through agorism, volunteerism and #TheGreaterReset.

A Message to Awakening Servers Who’ve Hit the Wall

Many awakening servers are stymied in their service. Every effort to make it work fails them, and both they and their lives suffer as a result. What’s going on? Here’s a thread that might help you see and approach things in a better way.

Step out of the Shadows and Stand

Life’s hard, but that’s why you’re awakening – to add your contribution and make a difference. Don’t let the challenges stop you from doing your part. Stand!

Awakening to #Oneness in a World of Conflict

Many are awakening to the harms caused by the efforts of a privileged elite to change our world and turn us into slaves. The task for these awakening souls is to negate their influence and add their contributions to build a Golden Age and advance the evolution of consciousness on our journey of return to Oneness.