Storm Clouds are Gathering to Threaten Us on Many Fronts

Where’s a soul to find peace these days? Everywhere we turn storm clouds are gathering, and with them bringing threats on many fronts with ominous implications to our lives.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and his father’s private possession of classified documents raises the specter that our leaders don’t serve the people. Instead, it suggests a persuasive corruption and homage to money and power that has settled into all aspects of government and the rest of society.

Culture wars are all around, as foundations like family, church and livelihood are under attack from the wokist ideology that is pitting the people against each other and imposing once-marginalized ideas and lifestyles over all aspects of society.

Free speech is no longer free, with a partnership between progressive partisans, government officials and Big Tech imposing their propaganda narratives and censoring all dissent.

Free will is nearly as restrained, with lockdowns and mandates imposed by those who think they know best how we all should live out lives.

Food supplies are poisoned by toxins, plastics, heavy metals, and sterilizing agents. And soon, MRNA vaccines and fertilizers will put graphene oxide into everything we consume.

War is underway in Europe, with escalations expected as arms flood into the conflict. China wants Taiwan by hook or by crook, and many think they’ll take it by force — setting off another war.

Chemtrails spray who knows what into the air. Pollutants and plastics flood our seas. Politicians and WEF power brokers are pushing draconian measures to restrict energy supplies and impair industry under the guise of concern for climate changes, all to impose their control agenda upon the world.

The financial system is breaking down, too, as fiat money is shown to be a fraud the ultra-wealthy perpetrate on the rest of us. And some speak openly about the rich owning the world and the people nothing, promising we’ll be happy with whatever crumbs they drop for us to fight over.

Oh, it is a grand time to be alive. But for those who are awakening to it all, it doesn’t feel so grand. Instead, they feel under attack, assaulted from all sides and unsure which way to turn to fight back, much less how.

Mankind is at a turning point, and our individual abilities to influence which way it goes are minimal at best. Sure, we can band together to fight back here and there, but the systems and institutions of our civilization have been captured by the forces wagng the assault.

Going back to the way things were isn’t possible. But where do we’re go from here?

Well, we can go along to get along. That’s certainly where most are headed. But the future they’re moving torward doesn’t look so bright, particularly for those who believe in the sovereignty of every soul.

I see no hope of compromise or moderating their plans. They’re too entrenched in their ways, and the captured media are keeping the sheep fast asleep while they impose their will on the world ahead.

Rather, I only see conflict and uncertainty, with those who don’t breaking away from the pack to create parallel networks, institutions and perhaps even enclaves of their own societies so they can go their own ways.

Peace in the world is and will continue to be hard to find. So the only peace we’ll get has to be inside, detaching from the cares and concerns of a turbulent world and focusing on the little joys we find in our own lives.

From there, we can expand our peace and joy and try to show it so others will want the same. But most will be too blinded to see or even care.

The great clash will sweep us all away if we let it. Maybe solutions will appear as we resist the onslaught. But for now, we must prepare ourselves and steel our wills to face the challenges at hand.

If you must fight, give it your all. But try to first find peace in your time, here and now.

It’s the only way to avoid carrying the seeds of today’s problems into the future we hope to create.

Godspeed, and God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Plastic in Chicken Eggs and Rubber Yolks?

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser out there. Just when you think you’ve seen it all (meaning all the ways they’re trying to do you harm and force you into going along with their global agenda), now some are suggesting that plastics and rubber are being introduced into chicken eggs.

Here’s a video recently posted by SGAnon on Rumble (yeah, I know — conspiracy central), that you may want to watch. It’s short, only a couple of minutes.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men

In these days of darkness (and bitter cold for many), please let me wish you a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. Most of all, I pray for peace on earth and goodwill toward all men (and women), and wish it intensely for you and yours, not only this season of joy, but throughout the coming year.

It’s been a hard year for many. The lives we’ve known are changing and that brings great upset and fear for the future. For not all change is good, at least as we see what might come down the road.

It’s so easy to get caught up in fears, or lack, or limitation, or whatever else is detracting from the lives we wish we were living. Challenging financial times combined with social and political strife can be a big part of that.

One thing I learned from my days on death’s doorstep was this:

Sometimes just being alive has to be enough.


I’ve said it many times, especially trying to pick up the pieces of the life I once knew. Some of them, like my family, remained strong and for that I am grateful. Others, like my life’s work in the law, dropped away suddenly, never to return.

It really makes you think when something sudden happens to change your life. More than that, it makes you have to adapt, to be flexible enough to survive and find your way the best you can.

I know many of you are facing challenges that may threaten your life or affairs as well. I hope you weather those storms and come out better for it on the other side.

I’ll be rooting for you.

In the meantime, know that I love you and want you to be immersed in the peace of knowing that this, too, shall pass — and that you are up to the challenge at hand. Better days are coming, so hang in there.

Until then, my peace I give to you. God bless you indeed.

The Purge of Dissent Against the Narrative

The powers that be — that amorphous group of politicians, bureaucrats, academics, consultants, media, medical and technological experts and the rulers that pull their strings — are well-underway in a great power play to purge society of all dissent to their plans, views and the narratives they use to advance them.

The efforts to advance their agenda are happening everywhere all at once. Their intentions are clear.

They want to shut us up and keep us from discussing all the reasons they should be opposed and the evidence of their actions that are slowly coming to light.

The January 6th prosecutions were meant as an example to others not to stand against them. And if they do, the full force of the system will come down upon them. Domestic terrorists, their detractors are called. And they’ve passed all sort of laws to increase their powers to surveil, control and oppress anyone who dares to speak out, much less stand, against them.

So what is an awakening soul to do?

There is only one choice. Go along to get along. Roll over and play dead lest you become one of their victims.

Or don’t and speak your truth, regardless of what they do to try to stop you. Do what you feel called to do. Rally others to your cause. Even stand and fight if you must, whether it makes you a martyr or soldier for the cause of truth and freedom.

I do not profess violence, or even conflict. Civil disobedience is in itself in many cases sufficient, though some think more dramatic measures may from time-to-time be required. Perhaps the people will even get pissed off enough with their abuses to throw off their yoke and declare themselves free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, to be free at last.

But I don’t espouse any of that. Support its objectives? For the most part, yes. Advocate for it? Not yet. Instead, I hold out the inner way for all who care to listen.

Whatever God wills I am for. I want a better tomorrow, but I do not know if mankind is ready to accept the responsibility of freedom, much less go to the lengths required to get along with each other and not do harm in the process — to themselves, to others, or to the earth.

I speak to our collective consciousness, in a sense sticking my toe in the water to test its evolution. But so far I see far too many who are caught up in their partisan games, rooting for one side or another while the ones who set them at odds sit back and reap all the spoils at the expense of the people.

Mankind is far too enmeshed in its own personal affairs and self-interests to care what the collective consciousness requires of us to grow into something more, so our world can do so as well. But from my limited vantage point, it looks to me like what we need is what we always have needed — more love and light, more caring and connection, more tolerance and understanding — if we are truly going to be ready for 4th density consciousness or above.

For now, though, those in service-to-self are winning. They control the levers of power at most all levels. And they even control the hearts and minds of many within the masses, imposing their wokist religion by any means necessary as they ideologically march through society to destroy all that stand in their way.

Sure, it is couched in glowing terms like diversity and inclusion, but those are just popular terms used to wrest powers from the prevailing cultures and shift it to those who manipulate their fervor to gain a fascist foothold in our future, with the freedoms of all hanging in the balance.

Free will must make a stand. Humanity must make its choice. I cannot make it for them, nor will my words have much impact in inspiring it. That can only come from inside, from each individual’s connection to the Presence and the guidance received, hopefully undistorted by egoic filters that keep bringing us more of the same.

As you watch the events of your world unfold, I hope you will see them clearly within the bigger picture of the evolution of humanity and its readiness — or not — to become more and express itself in new and better ways. Right now, it isn’t ready. Perhaps the great struggle between the warring sides will prepare it to be. I pray that will be so.

You can only make the choices before you for your own life, and perhaps to some small extent for the affairs of the world that impact it. Make them wisely, with your eyes open and full awareness of what they’re doing and why.

Your entry into the higher realms will require it. So will the rest of humanity’s — if they’re up to the task.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

How to Raise Your Vibrations per Nikola Tesla

We’re working to manifest a new world of 4th density consciousness. We each have to do our parts.

Whether you’re on a mission to make some difference or not, the most important thing you can do is raise your vibrations to match the bright and uplifting future you want.

Don’t know how? Focus on the basics. Here’s a quick guide.

Credit, however,, goes not to Tesla but to the extensive work of Abraham as channeled through Esther and Jerry Hicks on the vibratory law of attraction.

Now, practice it. Try to match the vibration of what you want our world to be. Peace and joy are where I focus, but you do you.


Goodbye 2022 – Year-End Recap

Can you believe it? 2022 is almost over, and it’s time for my year-end recap.

Boy, does time fly. Have you noticed how it seems to be accelerating — not just time itself as perceived from year-to-year, but the spacing between events that capture our attention? It’s like God is speeding things up, and in the process conditioning our attention to the increasing bombardment of stimulation from all different directions.

So time is speeding up. How about that? Could it be possible? And if so, why might that be occurring now in these End Times foretold by prophecy, assuming they are?

Well, there’s certainly the possibility of mass ascension, dangled by some as a Divine upliftment of humanity that is supposedly just around the corner. I’ve discussed the possibility many times, so you probably know my position on it already — that if it comes, it comes.

But we can’t live our lives in hopeful anticipation (or dread) for what it might bring, if anything. Life is lived here and now, and that’s all that really matters anyway.

However, I do see this “speeding up” as a phenomena of the increasing vibrations being caused by the bombardment of higher frequencies of light (yes, it has higher frequencies beyond the visible spectrum) that are wreaking havoc on our individual energy fields, as well as the energies of the collective consciousness that creates this world. That’s why the old systems and institutions are crumbling, and people are fighting to hold onto what they’ve got or get a piece of the new pie that they want to see created.

It’s ushering in a period of transition when chaos reigns everywhere, and conflict is the order of the day — ala the way things are playing out now in our world.

I see this not only continuing, but accelerating in the coming year. So either buckle up, or throw your hands up and scream with excitement. Because it’s sure to be a wild ride, and holding on tight to the lives they’ve known may not be possible for most.

Social Affairs

Many lives were turned upside down by COVID, the vaxx and lockdowns. Supply chain disruptions, energy shortages, mandates, food shortages and more certainly haven’t helped.

Their underlying causes haven’t been addressed, including both structural issues that must be resolved to match needs with available resources and methods, as well as the explosion of manipulation and control by those in service-to-self who are trying to hang on for dear life. Because they see the possibility that their dominance might be slipping away, so their grasping is a natural response to both impose their own visions and desires upon us all, but also to forestall the inevitable deterioration that will come with the upliftment of human consciousness.

For it is this increase in consciousness that will mark the months and years to come. Individuals are awakening to so many things that once remained hidden, and many are stepping into the breach to shine their light and assert their individuality and free will where it was once denied.

Again, the old ways will not go down easy, but the genie is out of the bottle. Notwithstanding the increasing frequencies that set our polarities vibrating and put us in conflict with each other, individuality will not go quietly into the night. Each person wants and needs to be heard, to be valued and respected for what he or she brings to the table, and we are going to be increasingly challenged to find new ways to live together in order to do that.

Free Will is Rising

With the advent of a new age of individuality will come a greater degree of conscious human interaction, coming together to co-create a future that will better serve us all. Foundations for this future will continue to be laid, and will start to emerge into the public awareness in the coming year.

Humans being what they are, self-determination will ultimately lead to greater conflict for a while as we act out against each other and the society that constrains us. But as consciousness grows, so will our ability to wield that free will in greater responsibility for its impact upon others and the world around us — and to find ways to allow each other room to assert their own individuality and free will within the framework of that new earth.

This could prove to be a long transition and will not come easily. For in order to oppose those in service-to-self who want to rule over us, we will have to stand and engage in some of the very attributes we hope to leave behind, including conflict, violence and non-compliance with the rules and systems they try to impose.

But human ingenuity will rise to the task and find new ways to adapt and prevail. It always does, but does not occur in linear fashion. We may find pockets or periods of greater oppression and control that limit our free will, especially upon our speech, financial affairs and freedom of movement. Eventually, though — probably not in 2023 but over a much longer time — consciousness will evolve to the point that the old ways will not be able to exist any more within the new energies and awareness sweeping over the world.

What’s in it for you?

You will be challenged in the coming year. You will have to decide whether to fight to hold onto the old, work to create the new, or try to find some balance in between that serves you.

It is a period of adaptation required to loosen the hold of old beliefs and begin to exist without creating new ones to take their place. You will need to cultivate a nimbleness of perspective and mind that will allow you to float on the waves as the storm blows through your world, rather than get dragged down by the anchors of old ways that no longer serve your accelerating expansion.

That suggests that you may want to stop listening to whoever feeds you their version of the “news,” whether mainstream, alternate or anything else, because they’re just trying to rally you to their views and narratives to control your thinking and advance their own interests.

You, on the other hand, must become more discerning and intuitive, connecting deeply to source and drawing upon whatever guidance you can receive. Understand, though, that this guidance does not absolve you of responsibility to make your own choices, nor is it guaranteed to take you where you want to go. Instead, you must clear your own filters that distort its perception and your interpretation of it.

So you must continue to grow into a greater expression of who you are and have intended yourself to be. Relationships will be strained as some adapt at a quicker rate than others. However, try not to break those bonds completely; allow them time to evolve on their own, as their journeys require, and to get the experiences that come along the way.

It may mean greater separation for you or them. It may mean growing closer to others with whom you are now estranged. However it plays out, understand it is all happening to expand you and to grow you closer to the Oneness from which we all come.

What’s ahead for us?

I expect greater changes in me in the year to come, especially in the methods and approaches by which these messages are communicated to you. Less of an effort will be made to disseminate them, and more to just put them out there for whoever may stumble across them. So if you find something of value in what I offer, I invite you to share it so that others may discern for themselves if it offers anything to them as well.

On a substantive note, this blog looks like it will continue in full force. But since I only work as the spirit moves me, I would not be surprised if there are long periods of silence while I’m taken in another direction.

We saw this last year with extensive podcasts for Red Pill Chronicles through the first half of the year, after which the energy was withdrawn and it was left as a resource for personal development for those of you who care to check it out. As a reminder, it is about awakening souls expanding their consciousness to deal with the affairs of a blue pill world. Whether more will come in the future I do not know, but there have been several such periods over the years of its existence.

What I do anticipate is a return to video messages, which will be hosted on my new Bitchute account and embedded in blog posts here. It’s been a long break since my last ones on my YouTube PeaceOptions channel, but spirit’s giving me that nudge now to dust them off and get in front of a camera again.

My intention is to focus on what’s going on in our world and how you might better move through the difficulties that arise as you continue on your journey to the light. But then again, until I actually sit down, turn on the camera and the words come out of my mouth, I can’t be too sure of what’s actually going to come out. So please keep an eye out. I feel the energy building now, and hope to have our first episode coming soon.

The end is not near

Well, the end of this edition of my newsletter is, but the end of our world isn’t. It’s got a long way to go, regardless of the fear being fed you from every conceivable source around.

God willing, your life will go on, too. So live it fully. Bring your attention to every moment, and just give it the best you have at that time. It may not your best ever or yet to come. Just do what you can to live and experience whatever life brings, and to find as much peace and joy in the moment as you can.

I want to thank you for being with me on this journey and allowing me to share whatever pespectives I’ve been allowed to offer. Whatever you do with them is totally up to you.

This is your life. Your awareness. Your choice of what to do, and what not to do.

I am grateful you have granted me this audience, and I look forward to the opportunity to share more with you in the year to come.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Traveling the Spiritual Path in a Material World

Once you get past the renunciation of marriage and material things, being a monk or nun is easy. You just meditate, pray, study and serve, and trust that somehow your needs to survive will somehow be met.

It’s not quite that cut and dried for those who travel the path while still being part of the regular world, with things like career, family, bills, health and possessions to look after for yourself. The spiritual rules are the same, but the demands and distractions of daily like make it much more complicated.

As you know, much of living is learning to keep all the balls up in the air that are required to have the kind of life you want. But consciously traveling the spiritual path brings several more to juggle which often can seemingly take precedence over the need to survive.

For instance, surrendering one’s will to the Divine as expressed by spirit through your inner voice can put you in conflict between where it leads and what you think you need to do to keep the lights on and a roof over your head.

This conflict is not readily resolved, and in fact may not be resolvable at all. For spirit often leads us into situations of catalyst to bring experiences needed by our souls. And the attendant concerns over one’s unmet outer affairs can result in all sorts of issues to work through, like self-judgment, struggle and lack, not to mention outright failure and frustration.

But these are just bumps in the road for the awakening soul. For “let go and let God” becomes more than an optimistic mantra; it often is the only way to move through such situations without driving yourself crazy in the process.

That’s why learning to sense and go with the flow of your life is so important. It doesn’t do much good to exhaust yourself fighting to swim upstream, and then die after an unhappy and unfulfilling life.

So if you’ve taken the spiritual path, know that it probably won’t be a bed of roses. But the challenges it brings will force you to find a deeper peace and joy for just being alive, among other benefits.

Be patient with yourself, and with God. It isn’t that your prayers are going unanswered. It’s just that you’ve chosen a path to grow closer to source, and a lot of inner restructuring may be required to get there. Your life will show you the way and provide the experiences that will bring you what you came into this life to get.

However your journey unfolds, know that it is by your consciousness choice that you are on it. But it’s not set in stone. You may make another choice in another moment if you want or need to.

But like my mother always said, trust that somehow things will work out. They usually do, despite how bleak things may seem at times. I do, and hope you do, too.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Mixed Feelings On The War Between Darkness And Light

There is only One. One Power. One Presence. It is the force that flows through all reality, and expresses itself through what is — and what is not.

This is an important premise to understand, because it lays out my perspective on what is happening in our world today.

We are all aspects of the One, here to gather different experiences of separation as it seeks to know itself through the myriad differences exhibited in the human condition. So are all the elements of our physical reality — the Kingdom of God is not just in us, but also in the water and rocks and trees and creatures of the earth.

Together we express the will of that One — let’s call it the Creator — through the lives we lead, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, and how we interact with each other and the world around us.

Sometimes we’re conscious of it flowing through us; at others we act on autopilot, oblivious to any divine presence in how the affairs of our lives and world unfold.

Awakening is the gradual expansion of our consciousness and growing awareness of this Presence within all that is.

Yet, that suggests a really sick perspective, that this Creator actually sets in motion both all the good and all the harm, setting the stage for their conflict and experiencing it all as it unfolds. In short, as Max Planck suggested with the invisible hand behind reality, a Divine Plan is unfolding as we speak that we can only surmise as we see what happens.

With this background, let’s look at what’s going on. Our world is falling apart. Up is down. Down is up. People are at each other’s throats, not to mention those vying for power and wealth who look to be upsetting long-established systems to control the people and wage war on all who stand in their way.

Certainly I see the harm being done, and threats it brings to our lives and ways of existence. But I also see the good of the many who are standing up to the darkness, and marvel at their courage and willingness to step into the breach at great personal expense.

It’s like the ultimate passion play is coming to its final act, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it turns out.

These are, after all, the End Times. The Apocalypse is now. And like Nero fiddling while Rome burns, many of us are sitting back watching and enjoying the show.

This isn’t to suggest they — including me and you — don’t have some role to play in it all. To the contrary, I’ve been calling people to awaken and add their contributions for over 20 years now.

But now, in the midst of the storm, I revel at the complexity and mystery of it all, and how each of the players steps forward to play their roles at the precise moment willed by the Creator who is the conductor of this symphony of chaos and conflict.

Once upon a time I felt a tremendous pressure to activate these individuals NOW, as if time were running out. Turns out it nearly did — for me — putting me in the hospital near death for many months.

Now I continue the work as called, but am much more laid back about it, knowing that what needs to happen will happen. And that I have little to do with the outcome, other than playing my limited role as impulse and inspiration demand.

Where’s it going? Who knows? I sure hope it’s the promised Golden Age. That’s the vision I share, along with the principles and practices I’ve been given to help us get there.

But in the end, it isn’t up to me, any more than it’s up to you.

It’s up to the One Infinite Creator, in all its wisdom. When it’s had enough of the way things are, things will change. Whether those changes are seen as Heaven lived in a beautiful New Earth, or as a man-made hell of our for our own torment and destruction, remains to be seen.

I just hope I’m still around to see how it all turns out. But if not, I trust that I will from somewhere and someplace at some level of consciousness.

For there is only One.

My Dark Brandon Twitter Rant on How We Can Build a Better Tomorrow

Spirit moves me to speak across many different platforms and formats. One of them is Twitter, where the war of the worlds is ongoing.

Last night our president, the Usurper in Chief Joe Biden (our elections have been rigged for a LONG time), gave a speech in Philadelphia that branded Trump supporters as threats to our democracy.

Setting aside the motivations and languaging for a moment, I took the opportunity today to view it from the lens of those who are awakening and trying to build a new world free of all the bullshit.

For those who don’t follow me there (I recommend it), here’s the thread from my rant:

“The Dark Brandon speech clarified the battle lines. Liberal totalitarianism hiding in woke sheep’s clothing vs ultra-MAGA forces that refuse to kowtow to their corruption and power games, heading for a collision and war for all the marbles. 

“Is this unfolding American Armageddon the last gasp of 3D, or an anchor to drag us deeper into its clutches? That will be decided by the consciousness of followers of both sides, and whether they choose to fight or seek another solution to their polarity wars. 

“Will the raw power of the state suffice to quelch the growing demand for open, just and responsible government that serves the people rather than the elites who foment division and conflict? Or will it trigger greater dissent and cause people to turn away toward gender pastures? 

*greener pastures

“Democracies and dictatorships alike, governments all over the world have gotten out of hand, not just America. They are failing, so they grip tighter to the reigns of power to preserve their privileges and impose their wills to get more of its spoils. 

“The promise of ascension to a 5D world is for less govt and less power in the hands of a few, where people take responsibility for their own affairs and wield it consciously, with love and light and spirit guiding the way. 

“But is humanity ready to take the next step toward creating heaven on earth and ushering in a Golden Age? Hard to tell, for our minds are so poisoned by narratives that tweak fears and drive us farther apart. This undue influence predisposes us to more of the same. 

“Yet beneath the surface of the collective consciousness bubbles an innate desire to be more and to restructure our affairs in new ways so people can go their own ways without interference or doing harm to others in the process. This consciousness will grow and cannot be supposed. 

* suppressed

“The genie within us has awakened, and it seeks expression in our reality – an expression of free will to go where our leaders don’t want to take us. Many are growing aware of its force within them and want to turn away from the power games that keep bringing us more of the same. 

“To those who are awakening to the urges of spirit to evolve themselves and their world to better reflect the light that shines within, I say to stand. Create a space from the madness, and strengthen your vision for a better tomorrow. Then work to make it real. 

“To those who succumb to their polarity ready to fight against their opposites and efforts to wield power against them, I bless you and pray you will awaken to the darkness within you that threatens the future of us all. Embrace the light and allow it to lead you home. 

“Humanity is at a crossroads, and America too must choose. Who are we and what are we about? Where are we really trying to go? How will we get there if we keep doing things the same old way, where might makes right and those without power demonized for wanting something different? 

“That choice starts in you. Where are you going? Do you expect to get there by imposing your will on others who don’t share your vision, or fighting them to protect your own? Will greater conflict really create a future of peace? 

“Whether you’re woke, MAGA, or anything else, use the consciousness you have. Don’t sacrifice it to those who want to fight or push you to participate in their power games. 3D is ending. Isn’t it time you get on board the 5D train? 

“Humanity can do better than this. We ARE better than this. Isn’t it time we show it?

“Godspeed on your journey to the light. God bless you indeed.”

You can follow me on twitter at

Polarity Wars Are Destroying Lives And Tearing Our World Apart

You see what’s going on out there. People are at each other’s throats. Random acts of violence are everywhere. Elites are hoarding all the wealth, and grasping for more. Those who are addicted to power play their games of manipulation and control, always working to advance the interests of “their side.”

It’s like those who distort toward service-to-self are sensing the sands of their hourglass are quickly running out, and they’re all trying to get while the gettin’s good.

And it’s a glorious time to be alive in this 3D incubator of our souls. The prospects for advancement, along with their attendant risks, have never been greater.

For the last few decades energies have been rising, exacerbating out differences and putting us in conflict with nearly every aspect of society, and often with each other. These energies cause greater swings between the peaks and troughs of our frequencies, putting us in conflict when those energies are out of phase with the energies of others.

The result is an ever-escalating war between polarities, with neither side gaining absolute control as their opposites quickly rise to thwart efforts to impose wills on those who don’t look, see or act like they do.

It ends only when both sides achieve their mutual destruction, or realize the futility of their efforts and give up the chase of victory for one side or the other.

Many, though, are evolving beyond their games. Efforts to tweak their fears and desires no longer goad then into battle. Instead, something inside is calling them to stay out of the fray and find refuge where they can be at peace and in joy despite the chaos and conflict all around — not to mention find a little prosperity along the way.

Perhaps you’re one of them. If so, there’s a voice whispering inside to show you the way. All you have to do is choose to listen and follow it.

It will lead you home, and to a better tomorrow along the way.

I’d like to close with a song from back in my day, when things in our country were also in turmoil. It was a difficult and challenging time on all sides of the issue — which at that time was a war between the same forces at work in the world today.

Some of its words keep running through my mind, just as applicable now as they were then:

Paranoia strikes deep

Into your life it will creep

It starts when you’re always afraid

The man come and take you away.

Buffalo Springfield

I know you’re afraid. Deep inside you do, too. Face it. Immerse yourself in it. Then let it go.

A better life is waiting, as well as a better world to live it in if you can move beyond the energies of conflict swirling through your world.

I know you can do it.

God bless you indeed.

PS. I wrote about these Polarity Wars a while back at PeaceOptions. It still applies today. I even wrote a thread for it on Twitter. You can read the ThreadreaderApp copy here. It’s important enough to reproduce below.

You get the idea. They’re still at it, working harder than ever. Just as we have to work harder than ever to build lives that serve us despite their actions.

Here’s the Twitter thread from 2019 I referenced above:

Some observations on increasing polarity, separation, and the escalating conflict in our society. 

We are all being pulled towards the extremes of our polarity, making it harder and harder to listen to, much less see other sides on the issues before us. 

These polarities are reflected in the desires we try to impose on our common reality, and the government and institutions by which our society operates. 

A our desires bump up against the desires of those of opposite polarity, we clash in conflict, playing out in the social, political and culture wars so breathlessly reported in the news. 

It’s as if we can’t get enough of the fighting, eagerly seeking out each new day’s ration of hate served up to separate us even more, playing on our deepest emotions and beliefs about how things should be. 

We’re quickly moving toward taking our conflicts from social media and airwaves to the streets as people can no longer control their impulses to express their frustration in anger and violence toward others and property. 

It’s as if we’ve lost all capacity to restrain our worst attributes, and instead give them life by trying to impose our wills on everyone else to get our way. 

To outside observers, and to awakening souls caught in the middle of this societal breakdown, it seems like the whole world is going nuts. So what are we to do? 

Awakening to your inner reality brings responsibility to your outer world to bring your best attributes to every moment, something increasingly difficult when all around people are attacking us and what we hold dear. 

Walking your talk is always a challenge for religious and spirituality aware folks. Living in this world of conflict makes that even harder, stealing your peace and dragging you into battles you don’t want to fight but feel forced to. 

As a result, many who are awakening are pulling away from social interaction, choosing greater separation to avoid the emotional and other repercussions of outer conflict, suffering both socially and financially as they struggle to find their peace amidst the chaos and conflict. 

Increased separation makes it hard to travel the path of service to others, especially when it calls us to bring love and light to those who only want to keep fighting. 

Separation also makes it hard to serve yourself when getting what you want requires offering your wares to those who don’t want to be served, and drags you into struggle and conflict when you try. 

Yet increased separation is the hallmark of these times of changes, challenging us all to find new ways to live together if we are to find our peace, much less have it in our outer world, or risk destruction if we fail. 

The problems of our world reflect conditions in us that we must first address it we are to move beyond the conflicts that threaten our peace, happiness and safety. If not, we risk creating more of the same, escalating until destruction of the lives we know. 

The answer lies on the path of return to oneness. Loosen the hold of your desires. Try to avoid engaging in conflict with those who want something else. Forgive them their trespasses, and seek peace with every breath. 

You will not reach your your destination of oneness in this life, but you can move toward it. Or not, if your fears and desires become too much to bear. Draw upon the light for strength and wisdom. Love as best you can. Choose peace above all, for its the only way to get there. 

God bless you indeed. May the love and light of the Infinite Creator guide you and bring you peace. Godspeed.