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Aren’t You Glad You’re Leaving 3D?

Your awakening is progressing at a rapid rate now. No longer do you look just to the media for information, at least not the traditional media were here up with. Heck, you can’t trust the social media, either. Everybody’s got their thumb on the scale.

That’s one of the hardest things for me lining in this world as it is now. My thing is the conscious exercise of free will, with responsibility and restraint.

But everywhere I turn, I see someone who thinks they’re way has to be my way, and worse, are trying to force it down my throat.

These conflicts of will and desire are endemic to the world we’ve known, two attributes that our attachments to must diminish if we are to move into higher densities. They lower our vibrational frequencies and impair our service of the One Creator, which many call God by one name or another.

You see it everywhere. Violence in the streets. An inability to tolerate each other, much less get along. Corruption and evil doing are the norms. All used to oppress us and remove our ability to think for ourselves and choose our own paths through the world

Thankfully that’s changing. Growing transparency is rendering the old guard impotent. Expanding consciousness starts with shifting perspectives, and it has become apparent to all but those who will not see that the system no longer serves the people.

Those who are awakening see this; the rest feel it, but can’t put their finger on why. You know that it’s because the old ways cannot exist in the new energies, and so their hold over us is crumbling.

They and their minions and believers will continue on their path of destruction and try to take all of us down with it. Perhaps they will, but I won’t give an ounce of attention to fear that would allow them to keep doing their harms. To me, they are bit players in the Great Apocalypse, and I’ve got a front row seat. Pass the popcorn.

I encourage you to detach from what you see going on in the world. Don’t fall prey to their fear porn or efforts to imposed their wills. Keep your head down and live your life in peace and with joy.

But you’re probably doing that anyway, slowly pulling away and creating your own life without them as much as possible. And that is exactly what you need to do if you’re wanting to evolve into 4th density consciousness.

Keep your center and don’t let life insurance you for long, lest it drag you back into the mire. Unfortunately, those who remain behind will keep doing what they do, trying to make life miserable for the rest of us.

But that’s the way of service-to-self, manipulating and controlling for personal or group gain. In some ways I pity them. For it’s the only way to get love that they know. It’s a long, dark road home they’re taking, and they deserve our thanks for creating the contrast by which do many are awakening. They have my thanks and sympathy — but not my compliance.

It probably is going to be a rough ride out there, but keep your eyes focused on where you want to go, to a world of peace, prosperity and true freedom. It won’t be perfect (we’ll still have work to do), but it will be better than this.

The storm will blow, but it won’t blow us away. I trust those who are evolving will weather it better than the rest, and that providence will arrange for our protection from its worst.

You’re getting better every day. I know you’ll meet whatever challenges that crop up along the way, hopefully with peace and grace. So keep the faith. Give thanks for all you have and are. That approach will help you create something even better.

May the force be with you. God bless you indeed.

Cancer Rates Exploding After Vaxx

I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally seen far too many instances of cancers developing or reoccurring in vaxxed friends and family members to think it’s just coincidence.

Here’s a video with Dr. Ryan Cole explaining why cancers rates are exploding.

Then again, you probably already know why and this just confirms it. Your inner voice told you so.

How Can I Wake Up My Friends and Family?

One of the big questions I hear by those who are awakening is how they can awaken others, especially their friends and family, to get them to just see what we see and want it for themselves.

The short answer is we can’t, that like flowers blooming in the garden, each will awaken in his or her own Divine timing when their souls have had enough of herd mentality and perspective.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share what we’ve found so they can consider what it offers them. Of course show them, and if they want to know more, tell them about your own journey and how it has changed you.

But remember the law of karma as it relates to free will. When we try to impose our wills on others or control their experiences, it sets off waves of karmic ripples that will haunt both your future lives and theirs.

Accept that their continued slumber is creating valuable experience, not only for them and the world, but for you in having to deal with their resistance to another way of seeing things.

Allow all things to be as they are created, including your family and friends. While you can lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink. So you can’t thrust it upon them and force them to come over to your side.

Besides, what you think you know isn’t all there is. There’s always more. So let go of the need to show you’re right.

With that said, here’s one of the best explanations I’ve heard as to why they won’t listen anyway.

The Coup We Never Knew – Victor Davis Hanson

One of my favorite free thinkers these days is Victor Davis Hanson. He just tends to see things another way. Here’s a recent article of his on The Coup We Never Knew.

The Coup We Never Knew › American Greatness

What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally? Did Congress secretly repeal our immigration laws? Did Joe Biden issue an executive order allowing foreign nationals to walk across the border and reside in the United States as they pleased?

American Greatness

Hanson raises many questions that need answering. But of course, our government won’t tell us. And if they did, they’d lie.

You know the government isn’t serving we the people very well. But nothing’s going to change until we do. And that means making our stand for doing right by us, instead of the wealthy and powerful and the politicians and bureaucrats who do their bidding.

Of course, you could just sit there and let it wash over you. But maybe, just maybe, that inner voice is whispering in your ear that the time for just sitting there and taking it is over.


Ascension and the Consciousness of Struggle and Conflict

It is hard to navigate the many voices and interests filling our media these days, particularly those of various distortions on the role of spirit, ascension and consciousness in what is currently unfolding. And though I use their channels to speak with you, know that my intention is not to convince you of anything or steer you in any particular direction.

Rather, I only offer my limited perspectives to give you greater awareness of what may be going on within you and in your life, so that you may know more about yourself and have more choice over how you see and deal with whatever life serves up for you.

When you turn on the news, it is filled with stories that trigger fear, anger and hatred. Perhaps their words are heartfelt and meant with good intent, but mostly it seems they all push one agenda and narrative — that your life and future are in jeopardy unless you see things as they do and do what they want. And for many of them, that means giving up your free will and opportunities to exercise it to conform to some shifting (and often intolerant) standards of thought and behavior used to divide us and benefit a chosen few.

This is not my perspective, for it detracts from the peace and joy that are rightfully yours in this 3-dimensional world. Rather, I see all the chaos and turmoil as bringing to a head all of the ills carried within the human vehicle that cause us to act in such harsh and harmful ways to each other and this planet on which we ride.

As such, I welcome the horrors I witness. For even as much as I try to turn away, I know these are the End Times of third density consciousness in this 3D world, allowing us to see and address within ourselves all those attributes that lock us into struggle and conflict. And for that, I am grateful to experience all that it shows me in myself, as well as in the collective and individual consciousness of humanity.

I am one who believes in ascension, having spent life after life working for the upliftment of consciousness and how it manifests in our world. But the ascension I know is not one sudden event that will magically transform our reality into something that it now is not.

Instead, it is a gradual unpeeling of the layers of distortion that separate us from the oneness at our core and the divinity that each of us has inside.

As we do, we expand what we know ourselves to be and grow into greater manifestations of the best we have inside, albeit with many fits and starts along the way.

This life has been about the exercise of free will through struggle and conflict, two closely-related concepts involving the application of will and desire. Fueled by an inner discontent with what is, it leads us to strive to become more than what we have created ourselves and our lives to be.

Naturally, the effort to do this creates catalysts through which we can learn and grow when our desires bump up against the free will and desires of others, as well as the circumstances of our lives that impede our efforts. Conflict is the result, and it plays out in many ways.

Struggle is the natural result of trying to make our lives into something that they aren’t, whether that’s to overcome lack and limitation or the effort required to achieve and become more. Discontent with the status quo provides the impetus for us to try and try again, whether we’re successful in achieving our goals or not. And when we have had our fill of falling short, to learn to live with and within our shortcomings and still find peace and joy.

The powers that be are trying to force their wills upon the people. Some welcome their effort and direction; others do not and only go along kicking and screaming, if at all. How it plays our remains to be seen, but what can be known is that their efforts are triggering a great expansion of consciousness for individuals to consider the kind of lives they want to live, and the kind of world needed to live them in.

Others are acting out long-held resentments and oppression against those they perceive did them wrong and blaming class, race or other differences was reasons to take their retribution, unable to accept that they must somehow move beyond those differences if they are to evolve toward the light. Their opposites too often are willing to meet them on the field of battle (politics and social media) or stand against the views and practices they want to force down everyone’s throats.

To all the combatants I say, good for you that you are growing aware of what you feel inside. Now, learn to let it go. Free yourself of the beliefs over which you fight, and trust that by knowing yourself and bringing the best you find inside into your life, that your conflicts will begin to subside and you will learn to live together in new relationships that honor the truth of each of you.

Currently those in conflict see such relationships in terms of power. Who controls behavior? Who sets the rules? Who will benefit from the spoils of your war? These are the tools of service-to-self, and while some of you have chosen such a path for your return to the light, most of you have not and must find a way to balance the interests of self with others and the source of life within you.

It is this balance with which you struggle. Unable to do so and find a center that works for you, your ego demands you fight to preserve your free will and get what you want, the rights or interests of others be damned.

This conflict will not go away as we ascend into higher levels of consciousness, at least not for a long while. But our ability to see and address the various causal factors at play will grow, and with it we will become more and explore better ways to get along. And thus conflict will provide the rungs of the ladder of ascension that we all — at least, all our souls — want to ascend.

This does not mean not to fight, or to roll over and play dead in the face of harm, oppression or wrongdoing. No, we must stand for the best we know inside, and work to bring it into our reality as best we can. Nevertheless, as our vision lifts and our consciousness brings us new awareness, we will have more tools with which to deal with the difficulties life serves up — always making our way, step by step, to the Creator from which we came.

Maybe you don’t believe in a creator, or in spirit, or in ascension either. If not, that’s okay. Or maybe you believe you have to fight for what you want, and overcome all that gets in your way. That’s okay, too.

But know that your beliefs are creating your reality, and bringing you the experiences you need to get from it. Just don’t put too much faith that what you think you know is all there is, or even right, and that what you want is what you have to get, whatever the cost.

For there is always more. Seek it. Become the more that you are.

God bless you indeed.

Are We in a Galactic War?

Chinese balloons aside, there’s a lot of talk going around about UFOs, ETs, aliens, reptilians and Pleiadians these days – not to mention a Galactic War between the Orion Empire and the Galactic Federation.

This war is supposedly trickling down to the earth, playing out in the attempted takeover of humanity by a Deep State/WEF cabal.

Now all of this remains in the realm of conspiracy theories, unsupported by evidence acknowledged by the collective consciousness and those who manipulate it. So far be it for me to state this as absolute fact. Still, it is a possibility worth exploring further and bringing into our awareness.

Here’s an interview that sheds a lot of light on the whole thing. I highly recommend you take a look.

While were on the topic, here’s another with Gregg Braden that I think you’ll want to see, too. Braden is one whose work and opinion I value highly. Maybe you will, too.

And then there’s this:

So now that you’ve watched these videos, what do you think is going on?

When Just Being Alive Has To Be Enough

I grew old much too young. Life saw to that. Illness and surgeries brought lack and limitation. Separation and isolation during my recovery and rehab saw to the rest. And though I’ve tried and tried to overcome them to be and do all that I still wanted, I have not.

It’s not that I can’t do it. In many ways I know more and am better than I ever was. It’s just that I and my circumstances have changed to impose limitations and constraints that I have not yet found a way to overcome.

This puts me in a situation of unrequited desire that allows me no peace, leading me to try this or that in an effort to break through and achieve even a modicum of progress toward my goals, all without success. For those wondering what they are, “world teacher” was the carrot dangled by spirit to drive me on.

Perhaps it’s something we all have to face as we age, thinking we still have something to offer, but the world has passed us by. What we have and are have become insignificant, maybe even irrelevant, to those still playing the game of life out there in the “real” world.

So as I see the world go to hell in a handbag, so to speak, and think I can help, life keeps telling me to just sit back and watch it unfold, powerless to do anything about it.

Perhaps it is this sense of impotence that wears most upon me, and that all my life offers are just more opportunities to watch myself diminish and slip softly toward that good night when my time here is done.

It is a sobering thought, to realize that all that I am and all that I offer don’t matter much any more, at least to anyone other than family and a few friends (thanks, God, for them). But I still try to open eyes and offer ways through the darkness for others, even as my reach and impact continue to diminish.

It’s all I know how to do any more, to empower you to do and become more. Obviously God has other plans.

So I’m left to sit here finding meaning and purpose in what I am not and have not found a way to do, learning to live with myself and the fact that I am less than I hoped to be.

So sometimes, at least now for me, just being alive has to be enough.

God bless you indeed.

Frustration of Purpose on the Spiritual Path

Frustration of purpose is one of those things we lawyers learned about in law school. It refers to a legal defense for the non-performance of a contract in an action for remedies studying from is breach.

The same principle can apply just as really to our journey through life and intentions for what we try to do along the way. It offers the soul a built-in excuse for it’s failure to manifest it’s intentions or to create what we think it wants to experience.

Now, such a perspective itself is a paradox. On the one hand, the soul wants to do or accomplish something and directs the ego to pour all it’s energy and attention into accomplishing it On the other, it creates circumstances that thwart its purported intent, setting the ego up for failure, and leaving it to suffer all the unpleasant ramifications it brings.

Most of the time we are only able to glimpse the lesson behind such a life plan, but even then it doesn’t make the failure much easier to bear. Instead, it brings us face-to-face with attributes we thought we left behind, like self-judgment and questions of self-worth.

So following the inspirations and guidance of your inner voice doesn’t automatically bring success wherever it leads. It only brings experiences needed by the soul, whatever those may be.

Often the ego is left wanting, shaking it’s head at following such guidance yet still continuing to do so, even though it usually means just beating its head against an invisible wall it can never break through.

Still, catalysts being catalysts, we’re left to make the best of a bad situation, regardless whether it steals our peace, joy or prosperity along the way

Maybe the answer is to quit and let it all go. Maybe it’s to keep going in hopes the soul has had enough of the impasse and opens the door to some measure of later success.

I can’t tell you how to meet this challenge, for there is no right answer. There is only experience.

But that’s why we’re here anyway, whether we understand or not. They say ignorance is bliss, but to those caught in the vindaloop, that bliss can be hard to find.

If this happens to you, just do your best. Make whatever choices feel right to you when you face them. And until then, try to be at peace despite frustration of the purpose you seek to fulfill.

God bless you indeed.

The Purge of Dissent Against the Narrative

The powers that be — that amorphous group of politicians, bureaucrats, academics, consultants, media, medical and technological experts and the rulers that pull their strings — are well-underway in a great power play to purge society of all dissent to their plans, views and the narratives they use to advance them.

The efforts to advance their agenda are happening everywhere all at once. Their intentions are clear.

They want to shut us up and keep us from discussing all the reasons they should be opposed and the evidence of their actions that are slowly coming to light.

The January 6th prosecutions were meant as an example to others not to stand against them. And if they do, the full force of the system will come down upon them. Domestic terrorists, their detractors are called. And they’ve passed all sort of laws to increase their powers to surveil, control and oppress anyone who dares to speak out, much less stand, against them.

So what is an awakening soul to do?

There is only one choice. Go along to get along. Roll over and play dead lest you become one of their victims.

Or don’t and speak your truth, regardless of what they do to try to stop you. Do what you feel called to do. Rally others to your cause. Even stand and fight if you must, whether it makes you a martyr or soldier for the cause of truth and freedom.

I do not profess violence, or even conflict. Civil disobedience is in itself in many cases sufficient, though some think more dramatic measures may from time-to-time be required. Perhaps the people will even get pissed off enough with their abuses to throw off their yoke and declare themselves free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, to be free at last.

But I don’t espouse any of that. Support its objectives? For the most part, yes. Advocate for it? Not yet. Instead, I hold out the inner way for all who care to listen.

Whatever God wills I am for. I want a better tomorrow, but I do not know if mankind is ready to accept the responsibility of freedom, much less go to the lengths required to get along with each other and not do harm in the process — to themselves, to others, or to the earth.

I speak to our collective consciousness, in a sense sticking my toe in the water to test its evolution. But so far I see far too many who are caught up in their partisan games, rooting for one side or another while the ones who set them at odds sit back and reap all the spoils at the expense of the people.

Mankind is far too enmeshed in its own personal affairs and self-interests to care what the collective consciousness requires of us to grow into something more, so our world can do so as well. But from my limited vantage point, it looks to me like what we need is what we always have needed — more love and light, more caring and connection, more tolerance and understanding — if we are truly going to be ready for 4th density consciousness or above.

For now, though, those in service-to-self are winning. They control the levers of power at most all levels. And they even control the hearts and minds of many within the masses, imposing their wokist religion by any means necessary as they ideologically march through society to destroy all that stand in their way.

Sure, it is couched in glowing terms like diversity and inclusion, but those are just popular terms used to wrest powers from the prevailing cultures and shift it to those who manipulate their fervor to gain a fascist foothold in our future, with the freedoms of all hanging in the balance.

Free will must make a stand. Humanity must make its choice. I cannot make it for them, nor will my words have much impact in inspiring it. That can only come from inside, from each individual’s connection to the Presence and the guidance received, hopefully undistorted by egoic filters that keep bringing us more of the same.

As you watch the events of your world unfold, I hope you will see them clearly within the bigger picture of the evolution of humanity and its readiness — or not — to become more and express itself in new and better ways. Right now, it isn’t ready. Perhaps the great struggle between the warring sides will prepare it to be. I pray that will be so.

You can only make the choices before you for your own life, and perhaps to some small extent for the affairs of the world that impact it. Make them wisely, with your eyes open and full awareness of what they’re doing and why.

Your entry into the higher realms will require it. So will the rest of humanity’s — if they’re up to the task.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men

In these days of darkness (and bitter cold for many), please let me wish you a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. Most of all, I pray for peace on earth and goodwill toward all men (and women), and wish it intensely for you and yours, not only this season of joy, but throughout the coming year.

It’s been a hard year for many. The lives we’ve known are changing and that brings great upset and fear for the future. For not all change is good, at least as we see what might come down the road.

It’s so easy to get caught up in fears, or lack, or limitation, or whatever else is detracting from the lives we wish we were living. Challenging financial times combined with social and political strife can be a big part of that.

One thing I learned from my days on death’s doorstep was this:

Sometimes just being alive has to be enough.


I’ve said it many times, especially trying to pick up the pieces of the life I once knew. Some of them, like my family, remained strong and for that I am grateful. Others, like my life’s work in the law, dropped away suddenly, never to return.

It really makes you think when something sudden happens to change your life. More than that, it makes you have to adapt, to be flexible enough to survive and find your way the best you can.

I know many of you are facing challenges that may threaten your life or affairs as well. I hope you weather those storms and come out better for it on the other side.

I’ll be rooting for you.

In the meantime, know that I love you and want you to be immersed in the peace of knowing that this, too, shall pass — and that you are up to the challenge at hand. Better days are coming, so hang in there.

Until then, my peace I give to you. God bless you indeed.