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The Purge of Dissent Against the Narrative

The powers that be — that amorphous group of politicians, bureaucrats, academics, consultants, media, medical and technological experts and the rulers that pull their strings — are well-underway in a great power play to purge society of all dissent to their plans, views and the narratives they use to advance them.

The efforts to advance their agenda are happening everywhere all at once. Their intentions are clear.

They want to shut us up and keep us from discussing all the reasons they should be opposed and the evidence of their actions that are slowly coming to light.

The January 6th prosecutions were meant as an example to others not to stand against them. And if they do, the full force of the system will come down upon them. Domestic terrorists, their detractors are called. And they’ve passed all sort of laws to increase their powers to surveil, control and oppress anyone who dares to speak out, much less stand, against them.

So what is an awakening soul to do?

There is only one choice. Go along to get along. Roll over and play dead lest you become one of their victims.

Or don’t and speak your truth, regardless of what they do to try to stop you. Do what you feel called to do. Rally others to your cause. Even stand and fight if you must, whether it makes you a martyr or soldier for the cause of truth and freedom.

I do not profess violence, or even conflict. Civil disobedience is in itself in many cases sufficient, though some think more dramatic measures may from time-to-time be required. Perhaps the people will even get pissed off enough with their abuses to throw off their yoke and declare themselves free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, to be free at last.

But I don’t espouse any of that. Support its objectives? For the most part, yes. Advocate for it? Not yet. Instead, I hold out the inner way for all who care to listen.

Whatever God wills I am for. I want a better tomorrow, but I do not know if mankind is ready to accept the responsibility of freedom, much less go to the lengths required to get along with each other and not do harm in the process — to themselves, to others, or to the earth.

I speak to our collective consciousness, in a sense sticking my toe in the water to test its evolution. But so far I see far too many who are caught up in their partisan games, rooting for one side or another while the ones who set them at odds sit back and reap all the spoils at the expense of the people.

Mankind is far too enmeshed in its own personal affairs and self-interests to care what the collective consciousness requires of us to grow into something more, so our world can do so as well. But from my limited vantage point, it looks to me like what we need is what we always have needed — more love and light, more caring and connection, more tolerance and understanding — if we are truly going to be ready for 4th density consciousness or above.

For now, though, those in service-to-self are winning. They control the levers of power at most all levels. And they even control the hearts and minds of many within the masses, imposing their wokist religion by any means necessary as they ideologically march through society to destroy all that stand in their way.

Sure, it is couched in glowing terms like diversity and inclusion, but those are just popular terms used to wrest powers from the prevailing cultures and shift it to those who manipulate their fervor to gain a fascist foothold in our future, with the freedoms of all hanging in the balance.

Free will must make a stand. Humanity must make its choice. I cannot make it for them, nor will my words have much impact in inspiring it. That can only come from inside, from each individual’s connection to the Presence and the guidance received, hopefully undistorted by egoic filters that keep bringing us more of the same.

As you watch the events of your world unfold, I hope you will see them clearly within the bigger picture of the evolution of humanity and its readiness — or not — to become more and express itself in new and better ways. Right now, it isn’t ready. Perhaps the great struggle between the warring sides will prepare it to be. I pray that will be so.

You can only make the choices before you for your own life, and perhaps to some small extent for the affairs of the world that impact it. Make them wisely, with your eyes open and full awareness of what they’re doing and why.

Your entry into the higher realms will require it. So will the rest of humanity’s — if they’re up to the task.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.

John Dennison
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