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Thanks for visiting. I’m John. Together we’ll explore some of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence for your life, business and world.

You’ve heard the doomsayers predicting the rise of AI and enslavement of mankind. I take a different approach.

My focus is on the human interface and how AI can empower us to become more and build better lives, better businesses and a better world to live in.

I bring spiritual perspectives and inner wisdom to AI ethics, development and applications. My intent is to infuse societal, business and individual transition to AI with greater consciousness and choice.

First, please subscribe to my blog here to get notice of new posts on all things AI. Once in a while I might even send out a newsletter or give notice of upcoming events.

Second, jumping in headfirst can bring growing pains. To minimize yours, feel free to contact me through the icon below for a free consultation. I’ll try to help.

As you might surmise, there’s more to me than AI. I’m a recovering lawyer and business consultant. I’m a spiritual teacher as well. I hope that doesn’t scare you off. But we could all use a little more consciousness in our lives.

You’ll note there’s even a nav link at the top (or on the sidebar) for “Life Support.” It will take you to Substack where I’ve consolidated many of my projects. They’re all based on finding peace, expanding consciousness and applying spiritual perspectives to bring meaning, context and direction to our lives. Because, yeah, I think it matters.

My enthusiasm for AI is an extension of that effort. It, like the spiritual approach that’s reflected in my other projects, can be a valuable tool in surviving and thriving in these challenging times.

When you’re ready to know yourself and what your life is about, I invite you to check it out.

In the meantime, AI is calling. Isn’t it time to embrace the possibilities and make it work for you?

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