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How to Prepare Yourself for Entry-Level AI Jobs

You’ve head the news. AI is here and it’s coming for your job!

Are you really going to sit back and wait for that to happen? Or are you going to take the bull by the horns and start preparing yourself to take advantage of the AI Revolution and be at the forefront of its implementation in your work or career?

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries, and new types of jobs are emerging for people who know how to use AI tools. Here are 10 great entry-level roles and how you can build the skills to be competitive:

  1. AI Content Assistant

AI Skills: Knowledge of large language models, prompt engineering, content generation platforms
Duties: Writing prompts/inputs for AI writing tools, editing/optimizing AI content
Finding Opportunities: Content marketing firms, publishers, freelance marketplaces
How to Prepare: Take courses on AI writing principles, practice using tools like

  1. AI Data Entry Clerk

AI Skills: Experience labeling data, using validation interfaces
Duties: Labeling training data, validating/cleaning datasets for AI systems
Finding Opportunities: Data teams at tech firms, annotation vendors/platforms
How to Prepare: Seek data labeling gigs, complete data annotation certifications

  1. AI Customer Support Agent

AI Skills: Understanding conversation design, familiar with chatbot platforms
Duties: Monitoring chatbots, escalating complex queries, improving AI system
Finding Opportunities: Brand call centers with AI, outsourced AI support vendors
How to Prepare: Study chatbot interaction design, practice using tools like Watson Assistant

  1. AI Quality Assurance Tester

AI Skills: Knowledge of ML testing methods, experience with benchmarks
Duties: Testing outputs, identifying biases, documenting issues
Finding Opportunities: Contract QA roles at tech firms building AI products
How to Prepare: Take ML QA courses, practice testing public AI demo apps

  1. AI Sales Assistant

AI Skills: Familiar with AI sales tools like lead gen and predictive analytics
Duties: Preparing customer data, interpreting AI insights
Finding Opportunities: Sales teams using AI, virtual assistant services
How to Prepare: Study AI sales technologies, practice using tools like Salesforce Einstein

The key is building hands-on experience with real-world AI tools used by industry while showcasing those skills through certifications, projects and portfolios. With the right preparation, there are exciting opportunities to start a career leveraging AI!

So let’s continue.

  1. AI Recruiting Coordinator

AI Skills: Understanding of AI for resume scoring, candidate matching
Duties: Overseeing AI tools for screening and ranking applicants
Finding Opportunities: HR departments implementing AI recruiting tech
How to Prepare: Take courses in AI recruiting, practice using tools like Ideal

  1. AI Medical Coding Assistant

AI Skills: Knowledge of AI systems for billing code automation
Duties: Optimizing AI tools, validating automated coding outputs
Finding Opportunities: Healthcare providers using AI billing solutions
How to Prepare: Learn medical coding fundamentals, practice using AI billing platforms

  1. AI Legal Discovery Assistant

AI Skills: Familiarity with AI document review and research tools
Duties: Supporting lawyers in using AI for case evidence discovery
Finding Opportunities: Law firms, legal tech vendors, contract discovery roles
How to Prepare: Study eDiscovery, practice using tools like Everlaw or CARA A.I.

  1. AI Transcription Editor

AI Skills: Understanding AI speech recognition technologies
Duties: Editing and formatting transcripts created by AI
Finding Opportunities: Media firms, freelance transcription correction gigs
How to Prepare: Take transcription courses, practice using tools like Trint

  1. AI Data Visualization Assistant

AI Skills: Knowledge of automated visualization and reporting tools
Duties: Refining and formatting visuals generated by AI
Finding Opportunities: Data analytics consultancies, outsourced data prep roles
How to Prepare: Learn data visualization principles, practice using tools like Tableau

These are just a few of the opportunities in AI to help you take advantage of the changing marketplace and carve out a place for yourself and your career.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. You can learn about AI side-hustles to generate supplemental income. You can use AI to train yourself for a new career. You can even use it to develop the technical and business skills that will allow you to dive even deeper into its possibilities.

But what you can’t do to get ahead is just sit by on the sidelines, waiting for the inevitable to happen. Because that’s a road to nowhere.

With focus and persistence, anyone can gain entry-level AI skills and be competitive for exciting roles. Use the advice in this post to get started on your journey!

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