Month: September 2023

Activating Your Potential

Join me as we explore how emerging technologies like AI – when guided by wisdom – can empower professionals, entrepreneurs, and seekers to live their purpose and activating your potential.

Are We in a Galactic War?

Some say a Galactic War is now underway, being played out on on earth today. Here are a few videos that will open your eyes to what many think is going on.

When Just Being Alive Has To Be Enough

Age and limitation overtake us all, and too often brings isolation and irrelevance we find hard to accept. Learning to live with ourselves when it does can be the biggest challenge of our lives, when our ability to become more is not enough.

How Can I Wake Up My Friends and Family?

Wouldn’t it be nice to awaken your friends and family so they can evolve with you? Unfortunately, it’s not their time, and herd mentality stops them. Here’s a video to explain it all.