Peace Coaching for Peace In Your Time

Our journeys through life can be a tumultuous experience, filled with many situations that can turn your life upside down and you inside out.

Advancement along the spiritual path — as well as creating a 5D world of the Golden Age — eventually requires us to move beyond the dramas and conflicts of this 3D reality that drag us into negativity, and lay a foundation of peace upon which to build a better life, a better world, and indeed, a better us.

If life is getting you down and stealing your peace, don’t you think you need to do something about it before it brings your world down upon your head — and slows your advancement along the path?

Sometimes the factors involved are in your outer world; sometimes they’re in you.

I offer peace coaching to help you explore and deal with them to better get where you’re trying to go, and to build a life that serves you along the way.

Together we will explore the things at work making your life less than you want it to be, how they serve you, and what you might do to change it.

Along the way, you will learn to take an inner approach to meet your challenges, have more choice in your affairs, and find more peace along the way.

The intention is to not only find peace in your time, but to lay a foundation upon which you can build a better tomorrow.