Media Source

Need a quote or comment with a spiritual perspective on current issues and events? Try John as an authoritative source on deadline for your article or broadcast. Text him through the links in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Interviews & Appearances

I am available for interviews and appearances on podcasts, livestream/streaming video, teleconference, radio, and television.   Contact me to arrange a segment for your show today.

Here’s a brief description of me to answer the question:  Who is John Dennison?

To know more about me, my message and style and whether it’s right for your show, you can check out the latest episodes of my Red Pill Chronicles podcast linked above.

I’ve also posted a link below to my first podcast episode where I told my tale, for those who want the backstory.

Public Speaking

Our world is changing, and SO ARE WE! Many are being called to higher expressions of consciousness and to add their unique contributions to a world in conflict.

I speak to and for these awakening souls to help them better weather the storms of this time of changes, use them to grow themselves and lay a foundation for a New Earth in the process.

My focus is upon the development of the individual, its purpose for coming and path through life, and its role in the ongoing evolution of humanity and the collective consciousness that creates this reality.

If your group needs an engaging speaker to educate and inspire your audience for an upcoming event, why not give me a try?

To inquire about having me speak at your event, please TEXT ME THROUGH THE BUTTON ON THE LOWER RIGHT OF YOUR SCREEN. In the alternative, email me or call 954-324-7353Be sure to leave a message if I’m away.

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