when Will You

make your stand?

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

I offer applied spirituality, consciousness and personal development to help you know and grow yourself and make your stand for a better tomorrow.

How Will You Weather the Storm?

You’re awakening in a great storm that’s forcing you to know and grow yourself just to survive, much less to build a life that enhances your abundance and prosperity.

Time for a Change

Our world is at a precipice. Either we change and reflect higher expressions of consciousness, or fall into the abyss of our own enslavement and destruction. I speak to the issues and obstacles we face in making that choice.

Know Your Own Way

Though our journeys are intertwined with the evolution of humanity, we each must find our own path through the darkness, while somehow growing ourselves along the way and applying our energies to build a better tomorrow.


I’ve Got Books & CDs, Too . . .

Whispers in the Silence

The Art of Going Your Way

The Love
of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm

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If you’re into the Martial Arts . . .

They’re a big part of me, so I created a digital dojo in goju-ryu (and more) where martial artists who don’t have a sensei can train themselves at home. If you’re one of us, check it out. It’s free.

Or want to know and grow yourself?

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