Find a way

Don’t let the storm stop you from building a better tomorrow.

applied spirituality. Consciousness. Inner Development.

They’re all you need to get where your soul is trying to go.

How Will You Weather the Storm?

You’re awakening in a great storm that’s forcing you to know and grow yourself just to survive, much less to build a life that does justice to your soul.

Time for a Change

Humanity is at the precipice of its own destruction. Either we evolve into higher expressions of consciousness, or we plunge headlong into the abyss. The choice is ours.

Know Your Own Way

We each must overcome the challenges of a world on fire and add our unique contributions to the collective consciousness that creates this reality. You don’t have to go it alone.


I’ve Got Books & CDs, Too . . .

Whispers in the Silence

The Art of Going Your Way

The Love
of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm

And even more ways by which you can achieve.

Don’t Forget These Projects

If you’re into the Martial Arts . . .

They’re a big part of me, so I created a digital dojo in goju-ryu (and more) where martial artists who don’t have a sensei can train themselves at home. If you’re one of us, check it out. It’s free.

Or want to know and grow yourself?

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