Find a way

Not sure How you’ll get where you want to go?

Know and grow yourself to better meet your challenges and overcome the obstacles that hold you back.


Life plans and life possibilities, along with peace and empowerment coaching.


I offer business and project consulting to help you make the difference in your world.


Wills, trusts, contracts and advice on a host of issues impacting your life, business or misson.


Devise strategies, weigh options, solve problems, meet challenges and overcome obstacles.

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Did I mention I’m a lawyer?

Retired now, for nearly 45 years I helped people bring peace to their affairs, protect their families and navigate a complex system that’s often stacked against them.

Or that I’m into the Martial Arts?

They’re a big part of me, so I created a digital dojo in goju-ryu (and more) where martial artists who don’t have a sensei can train themselves at home. If you’re one of us, check it out. It’s free.

Or that I created these projects to know and grow yourself?

Change yourself. Change your world.

John Dennison
Hi, I’m

John Dennison

An epiphany called me to awaken. A life in conflict took care of the rest.

John is a retired lawyer, sensei and spiritual teacher. He writes, speaks and provides training and guidance to know yourself and become more so you can build a better tomorrow.

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I write — and I know things.

Not just books . . .

Whispers in the Silence

The Art of Going Your Way

The Love
of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm



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